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About the Founder

Pastor Nath is an anointed and insightful teacher of the word of God and a deliverance minister and dream interpreter. 

He graduated from The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti state, Nigeria, in Accountancy.

He is a member of living faith church worldwide (a.k.a winners chapel). He has the God-given mandate to set the captives free. He holds a diploma in ministry from Word Of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI), Lagos, Nigeria.

He is married to Blessing , who pastors with him. And they are blessed with three children: David, Gift, and Daniel.

About the Ministry

The vision of this ministry started long time ago in 1990 and has it’s root from Warri in Delta State, Nigeria. As a young University graduate, I was determined to leave my mother land and travel abroad in search for greener pasture. During the process of trying to put things in place for my traveling, I heard a voice clearly in vision that said to me, “If you go to Germany you will regret it and there is something I will show you”.

At this point, I knew it was the Lord speaking to me and as a child of God, I understand the consequences that comes with disobeying the instructions of God.

In bid to work in accordance to the instruction of the Lord, the pursuit of traveling to Germany was place in a halt and I began the trade of Palm oil as shown by the Lord.

At the venge of my palm oil business, the Lord spoke to me again “Gather the capital of your business and drop it at the altar of God at Living Faith Church, Lagos, Nigeria, where I was worshiping. At this point of my life, I was wondering what next God has to tell me.

Eventually, the Lord instructed me to go in for a Bible school WOFBI but has no funds on me. In another vision, God led someone to give me three thousand naira and I took that as a sign that God will provide all I need for my training period.

At the end of the Bible School training, the Lord spoke to me in a vision through his servant Bishop Francis Wale Oke “Saying I should join him in the Household of God which he said is not a church but the body of Christ. Following the directions of God, I joined the mission (Movement of The Holy Spirit ministry, in Lagos) in 2001 where I served as assistant pastor under Pastor Francis Egbogun for 18 months before the Lord spoke to me and my wife to start doing something tangible.

When I was praying asking the Lord about the name of the ministry, He directed me to go and see Reverend Bankole Jefferson of Mercy Chapel, Lagos, Nigeria. It was the Reverend that the Lord used to give me the name of the ministry “Apostolic Prophetic Network Liberation Ministry“.

As a believer I quickly adhered to what God is saying, knowing that it is important to understand the voice of the Lord when he speaks and obey his will even when you feel it does not make sense at the moment, I obeyed the voice of God which gave birth to this Ministry on the 14th of July 2003.

APOSTOLIC PROPHETIC NETWORK LIBERATION MINISTRY is a movement called forth by God Himself to join in the building of this end-time army.

The ministry is birthed out of a divine Mandate to serve as part of a people that will discern the times, partner with God and usher in His Glory into His end-time church.

The mandate of the ministry comes from the book of 1 Samuel 10 vs 5-6, 19 vs 19-20, 2 Corinthians 5 vs 17 which is a revelatory truth of people encountering God and immediately became a new person. Breaking forth from old cycles and entering into new cycles of the Gory of God.