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Landed properties are major inheritance in this part of the world (Nigeria). And until recent times, many people do not attach much precaution to it. Many people don’t take time out to investigate the source or origin of landed properties they either acquire or purchase.

In the scripture, a piece of land became the source of controversy. Ahab was king of the Northern kingdom (Israel) at the time. He saw a piece of land belonging to Naboth. His desire for the land resulted in the death of Naboth, with Ahab’s wife masterminding the process. This enraged God. Elijah was sent to deliver God’s verdict.

Read 1 Kings 21:17-19 from your Bible

Just as Naboth’s blood was spilled for Ahab to possess the land, our forefathers acquired some pieces of land now known as “family land” through wicked means or by spilling blood.

When people do not have the luxury of going to court to resolve the disputes, over a piece of land, that may be a personal, family or communal, an easy wicked alternative could be taken. The blood that was shed over any piece of land will not keep quiet. Just like the blood of Abel; it is still crying for vengeance.

Some of our ancestors had to consult wicked powers to secure the land they passed down to their children.

They planted charms, mounted spiritual guards in form of a lion, serpent, etc. All evil acts they did to secure their property or to possess another’s property will speak for many generations if not revoked.

This is a classical example of what constitutes a “cord.” Because of the blood (and lives) that was shed on it, anyone born into that family or that inherits that piece of land, or even purchased, would be tied by an invisible cord. This cord may bring all sorts of problem including curses, afflictions, barrenness, setbacks, indebtedness, failures, etc.

NOTICE: the mere fact that you are born again will not automatically remove the cord. You must recognize it, and break it by renunciation. Just as salvation is not complete until there is confession (Romans 10:9, 10), deliverance must be preceded by verbal pronunciation.

Read Proverbs 11:9b from your Bible.

May God open our eyes and ears in Jesus’ name.

Take this prayer point.

I cut off every spiritual umbilical cord linking me to ancestral powers, in the name of Jesus – Col. 2:14