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God says, “I called Abraham alone and blessed him.” God promised that through him, generations to come would be blessed. God refers to Himself as, “the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” Today, we are claiming the blessing of Abraham by faith.

Israel as a nation was a promise God made to Abraham. You cannot talk about your future without digging down to your ancestral history. You cannot talk about your future without tracing your lineage.

God told Solomon that it was because of the covenant He made with his father David that the kingdom of Israel would not be taken from him. When Solomon went astray, God remembered His covenant with David.

After Solomon the kingdom was divided into two. But God remembered the promise He made to David not to take away the kingdom that he would always have somebody to sit on the throne. And God reserved the tribe of Judah from where Jesus came.

Read Psalm 89:28-36 from your Bible

So the power of the grave may be holding you bound because of what your forefathers had entered into. May be, they had a strong covenant with demonic entities that their generation will worship idol.

Now you are born again, and these forces are fighting back and attacking every area of your life because to them you are a covenant breaker. Remember the Bible says, “Oh children obey your fathers.” This has spiritual implications.

Before Samuel was born, without his consent, his mother covenanted him “This child must become a prophet”. It was not the Will of Samuel but he would not have succeeded if he had deviated from the covenant.

So also, those forefathers may have mortgaged your future to satan to a bargain considered legal by them. We need to nullify that legality because we are now of God. The Bible says. HE that is born from above is above the natural parents. We are born of the spirit and not by natural parents.

Read John 3:31 and John 1:13 from your Bible

So we can use our faith to nullify every covenant that has been entered and projected into our future.

You have to break every covenant entered into by your ancestor by the witnesses: the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood of Jesus ( 1 John 5:8).


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