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Every Word you speak, whether negative or positive, are instantly obeyed and carried out by the angels. You know that they are your messengers (Hebrews 1:4) and they excel in strength and hearken to the voice of your words (Psalms 103:20), to ensure that they are done just as you have commanded them. Hence the preacher warns: Read Ecclesiastes 5:6 from your Bible.

That is, no matter what you say, as soon as they are uttered, the angels pick them up and enforce them. So, speak the right words always, that the works of your hand be not destroyed.

The heavenly Father is full of mercy, but the angels are not; they only obey commands (Exodus 23:21). They hearken to the voice of your words and carry them out exactly as you have commanded, whether negative or positive. So when you say things are not working, they ensure that they don’t work. But when you speak success-filled words, they ensure that only success comes your way.

Speak right always, because the angels work round the clock. And no matter where you say it, that which has wings (angels) will tell the matter (Ecclesiastes 10;20). So, give them positive assignments.

The words from your mouth declare your choice in life. So, choose life and speak right. Look at that venture or business in your hand right now and say, “It is impossible for this one to fail, for God’s Word says whatsoever I doeth shall prosper. He also said He shall rebuke the devourer for my sake, because I’m an investor, a tither and a covenant child.”

Mind what you say by minding what you think. Mind what you think by minding what you store up in your system. The information you receive is what determines the way you think, and subsequently, what you say. You shall not have it before you say it, but shall say it before you have it, because, “he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

So, you don’t wait for success to drop upon your laps; you talk your way into it. Pray this prayer, “Lord, purify my tongue, deliver me from the trap of the tongue, in Jesus’ name.” There is a bright future for you, in Jesus’ mighty name.

Begin from where you are now, speaking good words always, words you desire. Don’t say what you don’t desire, because what you say is what you get. Keep on saying what you mean, despising whatever mockery may come your way as a result. But when the results start coming, even your mockers will know that you were operating the wisdom of God.