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Read Luke 8:43-48 from your Bible

This woman had a condition known as CHRONIC HAEMORRHAGE. A condition that she battled for twelve years. But at the end, she received her victory. A close look at verse 43 reveals that she was not only sick for twelve years; the sickness was targeted against her social and financial status.

Considering the level of advancement in sanitary facilities as well as societal and cultural norms on menstruating women at the time, it would have been difficult for her to mix well with people. Also, for the woman to have managed the condition for twelve years indicated her financial status. Scripture says she “had spent all her living upon physicians.” This means she must have had some level of affluence. But the sickness came as a devourer, to devour her social and financial status.

“Many physicians,” at that time, may not only mean medical doctors. It may include native doctors, spiritualists, false prophets and consultants in different fields who would have given her various prescriptions (or solutions) that, till she met Christ, proved unfruitful. As a result of this, she became poor. The same is the case with many people today. Some are living with diseases that medical experts have termed “incurable.” Hence, the best they can do is to manage it. Diseases like HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, etc. may require one to live on daily medication or periodic chemotherapy. These treatments consume a large chunk of money from the victims.

We have also seen people who suffered “stroke,” and as a result of that condition, were rendered “bedridden” for a long time. For some, a part or both parts of their bodies are paralyzed. They live at the mercy of family and friends. In such cases, many have lost their social status. If they had good jobs, they will lose it. If they were captains of industries, they must, of necessity, relinquish their position to another person. If they were political office holders with such medical status, they must step down from office. Qualification and competence is thus sacrificed on the altar of failing health.

Sickness is an agenda and a messenger of satan to hinder destiny fulfillment, to repackage destiny, to stop the children of God from manifesting their sonship and to live a life of blessing. No one can be a blessing if his/her body is not healthy. That is why it is said “health is wealth.” Every child of God must pray and work hard to ensure that they secure their health. It takes a healthy person to be mindful of good clothing or good food. As a matter of fact, some persons are advised to avoid their favorite meal and eat what they don’t like because of the condition of their health. Nobody likes pills, yet because of poor health condition, many are constrained to a daily doze of drugs. While everything is given to us for our consumption, poor or failing health can deny us the blessing of good food. Hence, we must stand by the word of God to resist the power of sickness. The woman with the issue of blood overcame by faith and sheer determination the sickness that wanted to cut her off from the society as well as cripple her financially.

May you overcome in Jesus’ name.


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