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Read proverbs 28:13 & 1 John 1:9 from your Bible.

  1. Humility and absolute honesty with yourself and God.
  2. Absolute willingness to confess and renounce all revealed sins. (It is very important to go through all these preliminaries before confronting the leviathan, for without taking care of this, we are joking).
  3. When you know you have sinned against God . You quickly go before Him in all honesty and as you say you are sorry, pleading for mercy, He will surely pardon you as you find your lost tears back, then you are moving towards freedom. But when your eyes are dry in spite of the horrible sin you are commiting, it shows you are not ready for freedom yet.
  4. Forgiveness of all who have offended you. No matter the offence and who has offended you, forgive them.
  5. Renounce all evil spirits that have been given ground.
  6. Complete surrender to the Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To deal with leviathan, if you are living in sin, no freedom for you.

For example, a bachelor and spinster living together as husband and wife cannot have freedom even though they come to the church meetings to pray fire prayer, because sin is already in the camp. So, those who want to face leviathan should first and foremost ensure that there is no sin in the camp of their lives.

Another aspect is that in the course of facing leviathan, you need to understand the nature of serpents and how to be able to deal with those spirits because leviathan itself is a serpent. It is a crooked and piercing snake, living in the great waters – both above and beneath.

Therefore, the prerequisite for freedom from leviathan is purity. You cannot beat it. The moment you are impure, the host of hell have a right to do whatever they want to do with that life. The prerequisite for purity is renunciation and turning away from all that defile.

The prerequisite for renunciation of sin is confession and the prerequisite for confession is conviction and understanding. Whoever comes to the house of God living in a deliberate sin, such a one either belongs to two things – a child of perdition or the enemy has finished him. We have a lot of people like this, they still commit sin while they are regular in the house of God.

In my next writing, I will discuss how to obtain deliverance from leviathan and deliverance prayers that will set you free from the captivity.

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