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Read 1 Kings 22:22 from your Bible

So there is a lying spirit. You may even look so anointed under it’s influence!

Lying is one of those demonic influences over the lives of people, to make them come under God’s wrath.

Look at this brother’s testimony:

“I used to indulge in everything you can think of a young boy indulging in, except smoking. And since I got born again last year, I started trying to stop all these things. I used to go out with a lot of girls and also indulged in lying. I took lying as impossible to stop. I thought one couldn’t stop lying, even after being born again.

But in January when I met the man of God, he said, ‘If you take holiness to be unachievable, you will die in sin.’ Then I prayed to God, that I wanted to stop lying. Before, I was a master fabricator of lies! Whenever my friends were in trouble, they would come to me and say, ‘Dave, this is what we want, this is how it is.’ After telling me everything, I would help fabricate a lie that would settle the matter.

After hearing the man of God, however, I told God I wanted to stop lying. And glory be to God, yesterday, I was just thinking and I cast my mind back, trying to remember when last I lied. The man of God said the devil is like shit to us, that he has no value. That’s how lying and every form of sin is to me now! I give God the glory.”

He was under the influence of a lying spirit.

Listen to me, those who won’t go to heaven know from here. Since it is written that all liars won’t go there (Revelation 21:8), and you know you are a liar, when rapture comes, you should not expect to be raptured. This is the implication.