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Read Job 41:1-10, Psalm 74:13-14, and Isaiah 27:1 from your Bible.

Leviathan is the name of a demon that is much talked about in the scriptures above. The word leviathan means crooked or twisted. The Bible calls it the piercing and crooked serpent. Leviathan is represented as a sea serpent, marine power with coiled abdomen.

It is a very large creature. The well read Bible readers understand that God uses certain animals like snake, scorpions, frogs and goats to describe some evil forces. When it comes to leviathan no animals on earth can be used to describe it.

Its countenance is terrible.

It is the king of PRIDE. All proud persons have leviathan spirit.

Job 41:34 says, “He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride.

Here God is describing Leviathan in the sea. No one is foolish enough to stir him up. Once he is stirred up, he will cause a lot of terrible problems.

This power comes from the water – marine kingdom.

The Good News!

The good news is that JESUS already defeated leviathan spirit through His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension.

Read Colossians 2:15 from your Bible.

Jesus also gave the believer authority in the name of JESUS to bind leviathan spirit.

Read Luke 10:19, Matthew 18:18, and Philippians 2:9-11 from your Bible.

Nevertheless, the believer will need revelation to be able to access the reality of this authority.

Read Matthew 16:19 from your Bible.

In my next write up I will be discussing the characteristics of the leviathan spirit and subsequently how to deal with this demon.

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