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The graveyard kingdom has detained a lot of destinies.

Many have been detained by the kingdom of graveyard. There was a prophetic utterance from God for nations that would be bound by the graveyard kingdom.

Read Hosea 13:14 from your Bible

God is prepared to redeem us from the power of the grave, from the power of death, that we no longer die untimely but live to fulfill divine agenda. “O grave, I will be your destruction” It was prophesied.

Many bright and promising destinies have been arrested by the graveyard spirit. Graveyard spirit works with the spirit of death. Some people are detained by the graveyard spirit but are not physically dead. But the spirit of death is already at work. When the spirit of death is at work, everything will be dried.

You may be in the midst of good friends or good people but they will not be able to help you.

You may try your best possible, it will not bring forth positive result. Everything you lay your hands will not work. Of course, the spirit of death is at work. Death means cessation of life. So that life becomes uncomfortable. Jesus said “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly” This talks about good job, good husband, good wife etc. In fact, it talks about every good thing. But when all these things are denied, it means the spirit of graveyard or death is at work.

Read Ezekiel 37:12 from your Bible

Remember, when God spoke through Ezekiel, these people were not dead physically, but there was a spiritual grave that had swallowed up their destinies and wrapped them in bondage.

Read Ezekiel 37:13-14 from your Bible

It is after you are delivered from the power of the grave that you can fulfill destiny. Many have been displaced or denied of their rightful position in marriage, business etc.

Many are in bondage. Many are in captivity. Many have been frustrated because of the power of the grave at work. It is a spirit that the scripture says we must fight against by faith. We must address that spirit specifically before it can let us go.

You may pray all manner of prayers, but if you don’t address the spirit that is in charge directly, it will not listen and will not let go. If somebody is convulsing or collapsing, if you don’t pray the right prayer, but simply shouting “Jesus! Jesus!!” nothing would happen. You need to rebuke the spirit of death that wants to cease that soul.

There was a case of a woman convulsing and people were shouting and confused but when I arrived at the scene, I commanded the spirit of the grave or power of death holding the woman, by the spirit of God, to let her go. The spirit obeyed and left her immediately.

We must address the spirit of the grave whenever it is attacking our destiny, family, finance, marriage. If the spirit of graveyard is at work, life loses beauty, marriage loses beauty, academic pursuit and achievement become worthless; because in the graveyard nothing works. There is no beauty in the grave.

In my subsequent write-ups, I will be discussing the Symbols of Graveyard Kingdom


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