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Let me correct certain things. A lot of people have seen their dead relatives appear to them and many others believe in the appearance of the dead.

This is a spiritual manipulation from satan. The Spirits behind this are called “familiar spirits” or the graveyard spirit. They can carry the image of a dead relative and appear to you and may even give correct information. For example, I was owed so and so amount by so and so person, and this can be true. It can be very correct. All the devil is doing is to propagate the gospel of re-incarnation to deceive many people.

The dead can never appear to anybody. It is only a spirit that is carrying the image of the dead one.

Some have said, they have seen their dead father or mother saying, don’t worry, it will be well. It is a familiar spirit. The spirit of graveyard seeking agreement with them.

The appearance of this familiar spirit may either be in dream or physical, but the purpose of this manifestation is to deceive people and to make them go into satanic error or doctrine of re-incarnation.

Read Hebrew 9:27 from your Bible

In 2 Corinthians 11:14, God says, the devil can manifest as an angel of light. It is by this manifestation that many people still believe that there is re-incarnation today or they can see their dead relatives/friends.

But the truth is, the picture of dead relatives often seen is a familiar spirit in disguise. It carries the images of those ones to appear to us in order to make us enter into evil covenant.

So, when you see a dead relative, know it is not the right person but an evil spirit. An angel can take my picture to appear to you and you will say: “I saw pastor and he said I should read a particular portion of the bible. ” The reason the angel would take my picture is because I am a servant of God. But when the devil is appearing, he will take the picture of a dead person or relatives. Some have seen spirit husband taking the image of their real husband appearing in their dreams to make love to them.

It is not their husband but familiar spirits. Sometimes, it carries the image of an old girlfriend to seduce them in their dream so you will say the girl is a witch.

We know that witches and wizards can come also to manipulate, they do that some times.

But it is a spirit wife or husband that comes to do that always. And lack of understanding can make us to pray a prayer that is not right by attacking people physically whereas it is a demon that is manipulating them.

So anytime you see any dead relatives appearing, rebuke that spirit and it will never appear again, because he knows that you have known their secret. Don’t eat with them. Don’t take anything from them. If you take anything from dead relatives, you will begin to have problems.

Somebody was pregnant sometime ago; she saw that she gave birth in the spirit. At that time, she had not put to bed. The dead mother appeared and carried the child from her and she was following the mother, but she turned, and said: “don’t follow me, go to the other side.”The child followed the dead mother to the other side where there was some group of people; yet she did not tell anybody. She kept it in her heart. Though she escaped death because she did not crossover to the dead mother’s side, when she put to bed, the baby died and she became sick.

If she had crossed over, she may have died too. It was the spirit of death that used the image of the mother to carry the baby before the baby was born. If she had disclosed it, the spirit would have been rebuked and the child called back to life but she did not say anything.

These are the manipulations we are talking about.

Son, if you see your dead relatives, have nothing to do with them. If they give you food to eat, don’t eat. It is a demon that is trying to manipulate you by putting on such image because he knows if you see a skeleton, you will run away. But if he comes in form of your brother/sister or close relatives that you love, you will agree to parley.

May God give us understanding in the name of Jesus.


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