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Some of the originating or entry points of the battles of life include:

a. Inherited Battles
Some battles are inherited as a result of one’s birth into a particular lineage. This kinds of battle is not caused by the persons involved, but is brought upon them as a result of what transpired in their ancestral past or family tree. When you find yourself in such situation, it is useless to complain or blame anyone. Just prepare for battle and fight to win.

b. Polygamous Battle
This is another area of battle that some people may have to fight. If you are born into a polygamous family, you are most likely to fight many battles, especially if you are the first or only child of your mother; or the favorite child of your father. You may be the target of many attacks.

c. Conception
These are battles that originate before or during conception.
What were those things that transpired before or during your conception? Where did your parents visit to seek for a child? Also, during the time of conception, what were the things done to preserve the life of the foetus?

d. The Time of Birth
Some other battles originated or originates when some persons were born. That is, at the point when they were entering into the world.

e. Childhood
Another set of battle is that which starts at childhood, while growing up.

f. Marital Battle
Some persons may not fight battles until they are married. Marital battles may originate from the declaration of intent to get married. Or from the family they are married into.
These are some of the entry points of battles in every life. Everyone who wishes to live victoriously must earnestly look into his/her life to identify where their own battle originated. This is one of the strategies for victory. It is called “spiritual mapping.”

g. Disobedience – Read Psalms 119:67 from your Bible

For example:
(i) Not tithing faithfully. Mal. 3:8-11
(ii) Unredeemed vows. Eccl. 5:4-5.
(iii) Disobedience to specific instruction. 1 Kings 13

h. Sin – Read Proverbs 28:13 from your Bible

Read 1 John 3:8 from your Bible

Look into your life, is there any particular sin you are committing that is inviting problems or battles? e.g. immorality, covetousness, unforgiveness, etc.

i. Ceremonies – Read Job 1:18-19 from your Bible

Ceremonies such as naming ceremony, wedding anniversary, birthdays, house dedication, burial ceremony, marriage ceremony, etc ., can be sources of battle.

j. Battle over inherited properties/landed properties

Dispute over family properties or purchasing a land; having a dispute can ensnare you into legal battles or spiritual battle.

In my next write-up, I will be expounding the sources of battles.


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