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Mr. Andrew got married to Miss Blessing. At the time of their marriage, both of them were civil servants with meagre salaries. Two years after marriage, both decided that Mr. Andrew should further his education to enhance their status and income, while the wife will have to work and foot the educational bills, rents and feeding, including their son’s education. During this period, Mrs Blessing hardly could buy an underwear for herself. She entered into all kinds of petty trading to make ends meet with the expectation that when the husband finished, things would be better. This husband finally graduated and got a good job. But four years later, he now discovered that his wife was out of fashion, not social enough to be a wife of a graduate. All efforts by his wife to please him failed because he had seen some flashy ladies in the university. Eventually, he got married to someone else who he considered social enough for his present status.

Friend, put yourself in the shoes of this wife who had laboured and lived from hand to mouth to make the husband what he is. In such a case, what will you do? If this woman, out of anger and bitterness in her heart, decides to curse this man, the curse will definitely work against him because she is justified. Many men today are going through various misfortunes in their lives as a result of similar incidents. I have ministered to people in this category of problems and they were delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit after repentance and appropriate restitution.

Also, some women cannot marry or stay in any matrimonial home today because of curses pronounced on them by the men they disappointed without any genuine reasons in the past. In most cases, the young man had sent her to university, footed the bills for her education with the understanding that they would get married when she graduated. But somehow, the girl would find another rich guy in the campus and decide not to marry the man who had been sponsoring her for the past four or more years in the university. She now discovers that she does not love the man – that they are no longer compatible, etc
Every effort to make her see reason could fail.

Eventually, this young man would swallow his bitter pills with tears. He would consider his investments for the past four years on the woman he wanted to marry and would realize that all is now lost. He has been deceived, and in agony and bitterness of heart, he would say: “Rose, no man will ever marry you.” This curse will stick because there is a cause. If Rose gets born again and does not revoke this curse with appropriate prayer of repentance and restitution, she may still remain unmarried.

Beloved, the above might be your life. Do something about it today, and get your freedom.

Some men today may not hear the cry of a baby in their marriage because of the curse pronounced on them by the girls they put in the family way many years ago and refused to take responsibility. Thus, the girl got sent out of school. Her parents in annoyance rejected and sent her out of the house. Nobody wanted to welcome her. She ended up squatting with friends as she carried the pregnancy without care of a husband. You closed your heart and refused to cater for her simply because she refused to abort the child. She would finally give birth to a baby without even a nappy to wrap the baby.

When probably you were told that she had had the baby, you still refused to become responsible, but disowned the baby. She would single-handedly do what both of you ought to do; no money to buy food for the baby, and In anger and bitterness of heart, she would say to the baby: “Don’t weep again, it is your father who has rejected you right from the womb till now. I am doing my best for you, but your father will never hear the sound of the cry of his own baby in life because he hates babies”.

Friend, these utterances will come to pass because there is a cause. I can go on and on to give examples of the ills in our society which have placed multitudes in the prison of the enemy through curses. Although the Lord Jesus has forgiven you if you are born again, but there is still a curse on you which needs to be revoked, if you must be free and have a breakthrough in life. It is possible for you to ignore this and accuse the witches by saying, after all, if the Son of God has set me free, I am free indeed. But friend, are you really free? Have you not read verse 32 of John 8, which says that “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free “? It is the truth which you know that can make you free when applied to your situation.

In my next write-up, I will be discussing on Generational Curses.

At the very end of the Series of Teachings on Curses, I will give you Prayers that will release you from Curses.


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