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The Marine Kingdom is a spiritual kingdom. And this kingdom is underneath or beneath water bodies e.g. ocean, sea, etc. It is a world of spirits and the abode of some fallen principalities, angels or evil spirits. There are millions of demonic entities or spirits operating in the river, sea and/or oceans. These spirits are known as mermaid spirits and they seek to possess humanity to destroy the work of creation.

Read Isaiah 27:1 and Psalms 74:13 from your Bible.

It is important to note that many people in the world today are either possessed or oppressed by these spirits. They may either be conscious or unconscious of it, depending on their level of involvement.

There are always symbols or signs to note that these kingdoms are in operation in one’s life or around one.

When you know these signs or symbols, you do not have to beat about the bush at any given time on how to deal with this kingdom.

The marine kingdom is ruled or controlled by a feminine fallen angel called the “queen of the coast”(or locally called, ‘mammy water’)

Read Isaiah 47:5, 7 from your Bible.

A lot of people who are involved have seen this “queen of the coast” appeared to them and declared that she is their mother. She has become spiritual mother to so many people. May we be delivered from that power in the name of Jesus.

Our minds must gain understanding to enable us know where we belong and fight for our right.

The queen of the coast work in conjunction with another fallen angel called the “queen of heaven.”

This queen of heaven dwells in the sky between the heaven and the earth. Together, they promote idolatry, i.e. the worship of false gods. The purpose is to deceive mankind, and cause him to worship the creature instead of the CREATOR

Read Jeremiah 44:18-19 from your Bible.

The people of Israel described in the above scripture worshipped the queen of heaven using cake, drink offering (i.e. libation), etc.

The origin of the frying of bean cake (akara) in ceremony is demonic. Do not take it as part of tradition or custom. It is a doctrine of satan.

Sometimes, this mermaid spirit or queen of the coast manifest as a big snake with crown of gold.

She is in charge of fashion and indeed fashionable.

Read Revelation 17:1-5 from your Bible .

The Good News!

The good news is that Jesus already defeated queen of the coast through His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension (Col. 2:15).

Jesus also gave us authority over the queen of the coast (Luke 10:19).

So, legally, the believer now has the authority to bind the queen of the coast in the name of Jesus Christ.

Read Matthew 18:18 from your Bible.

In my next write up, will be exposing the marine power.