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Many of the films/music we watch and listened to are not just to entertain, but they also serve as avenues for spiritual influences. The reason is that these films and music have been dedicated to spirits, and certain agreements have been reached by the devil and the producers as to what their purposes should be.

Watching of x-rated films, otherwise called blue films and occult films or pictures, expose one to demonic influences and attacks. For instance, pornographic materials – whether in pictures, films of nude men and women, music or any other forms, are being controlled by a principality called ABADDON. Abaddon’s demons are Jezebel and Molech. They influence people to the point of not being ashamed any longer and could go naked even in a public place. Those influenced by these demons are reduced to reason like animals which are not ashamed to have sex in the public.

Most secular music materials are dedicated to the spirit of ABADDON. If you notice any music which centres its rhythms on love affairs, you will discover that the lyrics often stimulate one’s sexual interest. It would interest you to know too, that most of our cultural and traditional musical performances and dances are dedicated to the spirit of ASTEROTH, which is the spirit in charge of ancestral worship and traditional religion. This is why certain rituals are carried out before such dances or music are performed.

At Lagos, while ministering to a particular girl, the demons told me they entered into her while she was watching blue films. After ministration and when she became conscious of her surroundings, she confirmed what the demons had said. She said it was her habit to watch such sexual films.

If you have been taking part in the above, you’ve got to stop it, confess it and repent of it and clean up (1 John 1:9).

Give your life to JESUS as your Lord and Savior and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Cast out every negative spirit that entered your life in the name of Jesus – Mark 16:17.

The Good News!

Jesus has paid for your freedom already.

Read Colossians 1:13-14, 2:14-15 from your Bible.

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