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Some people pride themselves on the number and the wide range of books they have read. However, people should be mindful of the stuff they take into their lives. Some read certain books out of curiosity and to acquire knowledge and power. But many of them do not know the spiritual implications and what impact the reading of such books could make in their lives. A lot of these people suffer untold mental torments today without any trace of the root cause of their predicament.

Reading of such books written by Lobsang Rampa on astral projections, Amorc monographs, mystical books, Sixth and Seventh books of Moses, Special Psalms, Dreams And Their Interpretations, How To Picture What You Want, etc is demon-infested. These kinds of books expose you to the demonic world because they have been dedicated and empowered to influence the reader. Some novels on love affairs have been known and proved to serve as open doors for demons to influence the reader’s life. Some of these books teach you how to develop your inner man to the point where you can contact God. This contradicts the scriptures, as no man can come to God except through Jesus Christ (John 14:6). These writers want to bypass the sacrifices of Jesus on the cross, and teach ignorant people to concentrate on their personal and human efforts to reach God. Of course, these efforts are as filthy rags before the Lord.

Some of them teach you how to invoke fallen angels through some incantations – how to use some holy names, and certain portions of the Psalms for specific needs and problems. These practices are all demonic and will bring you into bondage.

A particular girl who had serious immoral problems confessed that her problems began after reading books written by James Hadley Chase and Dennis Robins. Is that not strange? Yes, it is. The demons and the writers of these books know what they have done.

Stop reading such books if you have been doing that and give your life to JESUS as your Lord and Savior and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The Good News!

Jesus has paid for your freedom already.

Read Colossians 1:13-14, 2:14-15 from your Bible.

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