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Women, especially those who have been married for some years without the blessing of the fruit of the womb and those who suffer from frequent abortions, can do anything or go to any length to have children. During this period of desperation, witch/native doctors, spiritualists, occult masters and prayer houses are consulted and visited for possible solution.

In most cases, people visit the river to consult with “Olokun” (The Sea or River goddess), whom they believe to be the goddess in charge of fertility. At this time also, sacrifices, promises and agreements are made and reached with the goddess concerning the unborn child.

These sacrifices and promises are meant to appease and appeal to the forces responsible for the barrenness of the ladies to release their wombs, and allow conception to take place. If, eventually, the woman becomes pregnant, this child has already been sold by its mother to demons. Many are unmarried today because of the marriage with spirits contracted by their parents at the point of their conception.

Those who sacrifice to the goddess of the sea in order to get pregnant, or those who go through the rituals of the white garment church system of having special baths, and throwing items into the river should know that if they get pregnant through that process, such children will definitely be controlled by water spirits. The secret here is that the devil who was responsible for the barrenness, has released the woman’s womb on the agreement that he (the devil) would be allowed to operate and influence the child’s life. A lot of people are in this category.

For example, A woman who was barren for years was asked to walk across a bridge before she could be pregnant.She did, and sighted a little child following her, which disappeared within some seconds after. This experience marked the end of the woman’s search for a baby for many years. Truly, a baby girl was born when her time was due, but she grew up a strange girl. Nobody seemed to understand her. She was always seeking to die or go back to where she came from. Her mother started to spend her fortunes to ensure she lived. This girl was always sick. Her sickness had no origin, and no doctor could diagnose what was wrong with her.

Again, the girl that was born after her had similar characteristics. Her mother had neither peace nor joy even though she now had children. This was the result of the agreement she had reached with the evil powers on that bridge. Now her children were bound to the devil. Thank God that the two sisters got born again, and were consequently delivered from these terrible spirits.

The Good News!

The good news is that Jesus has paid for your freedom already.

Read Colossians 1:13-14, 2:14-15 from your Bible.


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