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Some people go about meeting spiritualists who disguise themselves as pastors, prophets or native doctors. These spiritualists initiate people into the kingdom of the graveyard, thus, ensnaring their destinies. Some people go to these places because they are looking for spiritual assistance.

They need this assistance to make wealth (i.e. make money) to get position and to obtain promotions. In the light of this, they join faith with some spiritualists or false prophets who have links with the devil.

They could also seek negative spiritual assistance for esoteric knowledge or to gather information after the death or loss of their loved ones, or to ascertain why certain things are happening in their lives.

It may be in terms of fame or greatness or to obtain power. It could be for vengeance against someone who had offended them.

I remember many years ago, when a friend of mine was duped. He went to an oraculist. His mission to the old man was to help him fire arrow to destroy or kill the person who duped him. Indeed, he was a Christian. He was scheduled to meet with this old man on a Monday morning but on Sunday, he attended service and somebody began to prophesy. He said “there is somebody here who wants to kill somebody “but God said “Don’t worry, I will help you and restore all you lost”. That was what stopped him. He became afraid.

If you go there for vengeance, they will commit you to enter into a covenant. That is how people get into agreement with the kingdoms of the graveyard or graveyard spirit.

Remember, what the bible says in Isaiah 28:18, the agreement with hell shall be disannulled.

Some people go there because they want to seek help and thereafter enter into agreement with death which is a graveyard spirit.

Some want children and because, perhaps there is delay in child bearing they resort to this ungodly help. Some may be sick and seek help also.

That is how they get involve with the graveyard spirit. They are told to do one thing or the other. That thing they do will eventually ensnare them and set the spirit in operation.

I pray God’s deliverance in our lives in Jesus’ name.
This spirit can be invoked to render spiritual assistance to those who patronize them or to harm those they consider as their enemies.

Read Isaiah 8:19-20 from your Bible

God is warning, don’t go and look for people who go to the grave for solution. Anybody that does that, the light of God is not in him.

Read Deuteronomy 18:10-12 from your Bible

Scripture says it is an abomination for us to seek help from a necromancer. That is, one that goes to the grave or familiar spirits or wizards or witchcraft agents, where they practice necromancy.

Remember, Saul went to the witch of Endor and she took him to the grave to invoke the spirit of Samuel. But I tell you, it was not the spirit of Samuel but a familiar spirit who carried the image of Samuel.

Read 1 Samuel 28:11-14 from your Bible.

In my next write-up, I will be discussing Spiritual Deception and Manipulation By These Familiar Spirits.


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