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Even though access to God’s secrets is your birthright as a born again child of God, you still have a job to do, for these secrets to be revealed to you. You ask yourself, “What does it take for me to lay hold on these secrets? The way is now open, how do I lay hold on it?”

Read Matthew 7:7-8 from your Bible for the answer

Also read Romans 11:33 from your Bible

There are depths in God and they are consciously uncovered. They are sought for before they can be delivered.

Do you want financial success? Then go in search of God’s secrets for financial success. Do you want success in health? Go search out God’s secrets! Do you want marital success? Search for marriage secrets, for he that seeketh findeth!

Every treasure in life is found in the deep. Crude oil is buried deep in the earth; an exploration is what brings it out for you. The sea treasures are buried in the deep of the sea beds.

Every treasure in life is in the deep; people explore to gain access to them. So also are the secrets of God! A conscious exploration by those in search of them is what grants access into them.

Read Luke 15:8-9 from your Bible

This is what you do when something is out of place in your life. We have so many redemptive rights in Christ; if any of them is missing in your life, this is what to do. You light a candle and start sweeping, till you find it.

Read Proverbs 20:27 from your Bible

You engage your spirit in the search. You light the candle of your heart and then start sweeping through the Word of life and through all the books that enhance your understanding of the Word of life. As you sweep with your spirit, you will find it; and when you find it, you will become a celebrity.

Every celebrity today was a searcher yesterday. Do you know why many don’t find? It is because they are superficial searchers. “You shall seek for me and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart” (Jer. 29:13). Until your spirit is involved, the secrets won’t be delivered!

When she hath found it! People wait to see it without seeking to find it. But God’s secrets are not free! There are prices to pay, one of which is a diligent search.

Read Isaiah 26:9 from your Bible

Hear it again: in the world of success, information is the greatest asset. Only those who know how to get information make the most in the business world. That’s why every major industry has its trade secrets, information that is unique to them and preserved by them, in order to preserve their enterprise. But thank God that heaven’s secrets are open secrets. They are, however, only made available to those who are ready to pay the price to get them.

So, whenever part of your redemptive package in Christ is missing in your life, you must go in search of it before you can find it. It is a search that gives you access to His secrets. Let’s go on a search! I see you escape mediocrity in life.

Read Matthew 13:44-46 from your Bible

You seek these things before you find them. People seek to find the treasures of life, the pearls of destiny. There’s no question on earth without an answer with God in His book, the Bible. Success is one of the pearls of our covenant with God; let’s give it all it takes to attain it. You can’t watch success slip by you; go and find out what it takes to succeed!