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Gods secrets are for the pure.

Read Psalm 25:14 from your Bible

Job was a man that feared God and eschewed evil, so God’s secrets were with him; these secrets were what made him an outstanding man of success in his days (Job 29).

In Hebrews 9, the Bible says the tables of the covenant (the secrets of life) is in the holiest of all. It takes holiness to gain access there. It takes purity to gain access to divine secrets.

It is very clear from Scriptures that Job became outstanding by reason of divine secrets which he gained access into by purity, consecration and sanctification. He became the greatest man in all the east without participating or partaking in the corruption of the land.

No matter how resounding the principles (of success) are, except the foundation of purity is in place, nothing works. For righteousness brings about the lifting of any man, while sin is a reproach to anybody, no matter who he is.

Read Psalm 25:12 from the Bible

Anybody can read. You don’t have to be born again to be able to read. But God’s secrets are only made available to them that fear the Lord. May the fear of the Lord become your garment by the day, may He instruct your heart to purity and keep your feet on the path of integrity.

Until you turn at God’s reproofs, the Holy Spirit is not permitted to shew you the deep things of God.

The Holy Spirit can’t function except purity is in place.