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Read Luke 12:15 from your Bible

The number one way to be free from financial corruption or sin is to learn how to be contented. Beware of covetousness. Knowing well the effect of this evil, Paul warned again and again against it.

Read 1 Timothy 6:6-11 from your Bible

Contentment is the answer to covetousness. Until you are contented, you will remain covetous. Godliness with contentment will lead to the realms of great gain in life. Covetousness is ungodly; it is a sin. It corrupts godliness. But contentment will discipline and subdue it.

Covetousness is a major ministry of the god of gold. The moment money is what determines your mood, you are already enslaved by it. But if you can arrest the god of gold, you will be able to walk in the newness of life, causing your beauty to emerge.

What you have is not what determines your value, but who you are. That’s what determines your true worth; and your position with God is what determines your ultimate value among men. I’d like you to be determined in your heart to subdue covetousness, and renew your altar with God. Destroy the altar of financial corruption in your life, and stop living for money, so you don’t end up as a mourner!

Righteousness does not demote, it exalts! But sin is a reproach to anybody. Righteousness is a promoter. Go and tell the truth! Deal truthfully in your business or office. Don’t partake in bribery and corruption; don’t give it, don’t take it. Don’t swear falsely to make money.

Tell the truth and you will triumph. Walk straight and your path will be straight. Put your children in the schools you can comfortably afford. The kind of school one goes to is not what determines one’s level of intelligence or future. Rather, your personal discipline is what determines your great future.

When you denounce the god of gold, the God of heaven embraces you. And when He embraces you, every discomfort will leave you alone, because, “In His presence is fullness of joy and at his right hand, pleasures forever more” (Ps. 16:11). God has prophesied your lifting, you don’t have to be crooked to get it. So, walk straight; walk in the newness of life!