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i. The first step to breakthrough is to repent and confess genuinely and accept Jesus as Lord.

Read Proverbs 28:13 from your Bible

ii. Live a life of consecration and holiness. (1 John 3:8).

You cannot be delivered when you are meddling with sin because as long as you continue in sin, the oppression will continue even after deliverance. Holiness is the nature of God.

iii. Be ready to pray and fast.

If you are afraid of fasting, you are not a candidate for deliverance and breakthrough.

Read Mark 9:29 from your Bible

You may have been praying but it is time to add fasting. As you fast and pray, you are undoing the burden of the enemy. Fasting generates power, empowers your spirit, reduces carnality and creates an atmosphere for breakthrough. In the school of power, there are different levels or categories. Until you engage in aggressive prayer and fasting, some demons will not give up. The higher the demon, the higher the power required to dislodge it. “Deep calleth unto deep.” Hence, you must go deep into the spirit to gain victory. Angels have hierarchy. Hence, there are angels you cannot command until you go deep into the spirit. Also, bible talks about yokes of iron and of wood. The yoke or burden you bear should determine the level of power you must generate.

To empower yourself, you must pray and fast because there are very stubborn powers that will not let go until they experience higher degree of power.

iv. Engage in aggressive or violent prayer.

This is prayer of warfare where you assume military and commanding position to address certain issues.

v. Be strong in faith. Build your faith

Read 1 Timothy 6:12 and Hebrews 11:33 from your Bible

You can only subdue kingdoms of darkness when you build strong faith. Only strong faith will subdue the kingdoms oppressing you.

VI. Have sound knowledge of God’s word.

Read Proverbs 11:9 from your Bible

You need sound knowledge of the word of God to disconnect yourself from your oppressor.

I pray that these words will become fire in your bones. You will no longer be oppressed or possessed. The lord will grant you victory in Jesus’ name.


1) Pray that God will open your eyes to know the power behind your oppression.

2) Pray that the Lord will grant you grace to overcome.


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