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This is one vital remedy to anxiety prescribed by the Book of books – the Bible. The root of anxiety has been dealt with, but one must believe absolutely in the spiritual prescription given by Doctor Jesus.

We live in a world filled with negativism, misfortune, chaos, calamity and disaster – a world where no newspaper report brings joy. To escape the encroachment of despair and anxiety, the believer must take the “Word cure.”

All that one requires to live an anxiety-free life is contained in the Bible. An absolute belief and correct application will hand it over to him.

Read Phillipians 4:6 from your Bible

If God’s Word says the above, it followed then that anxiety-causing situations will arise, but what it takes to overcome is within reach. As disturbing news reaches the ears, a burden is created in the heart. If this burden is not lifted through a definite trust in God and His Word, it gives birth to fear and fear develops into anxiety.

Nothing should be big enough to steal your joy.

God wants us to walk together with Him, that His will be established on the earth. God’s will for the hour is “Be careful for nothing.”


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