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Read Philippians 4:6 from your Bible

An aspect of prayer that is very useful in combating anxiety is supplication. It is much more than just communing with God in prayers. It is pleading your case before God, producing strong reasons from the Word of God, to back up your petition.

Read Isaiah 43:26, 41:21 from your Bible

For you to be able to plead with God, to bring forth your strong reasons, you have to be Word-loaded (Hosea 14:2). So, you have a responsibility to study the Word of God and know what solution is proffered for each problem.

Hannah, after many years of crying to the Lord for a child, suddenly laid hold on the right key. She must have brought before God her strong reasons, reminding Him of His promises that are written in Exodus 23:26 and Deuteronomy 7:14

Of course, her story had a happy ending, for she conceived and bore a son, Samuel, who later became Israel’s priest and prophet and whose word never fell to the ground!

King Hezekiah also produced his strong reasons before God and immediately got 15 years added unto him (2 Kings 20:1-11). He must have reminded God of His promise that is written in Psalm 90:10 and Genesis 6:3

Hezekiah’s story is fully documented in Isaiah 38:9-20.

The word “supplication” in the Greek text is “doesis”, meaning entreating, continued, strong and incessant pleading, until the prayer is answered. How best to plead, but with living proofs from His Word! You must learn to supplicate always, if you must keep anxiety away from your domain.


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