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HOW TO OVERCOME ANXIETY 7B – The Blood of Sprinkling

Read Hebrews 12:22, 24 from your Bible

Apart from eating and drinking from the table of the Lord, another application of the Blood of Jesus is the actual sprinkling of the liquid upon ourselves and our possessions.

The angel of death or destroyer angel, on seeing the blood sprinkled upon the Isralites in Egypt, passed over their houses and possessions and rather brought destruction upon the Egyptians (Exodus 12:23).

Anxiety, as you know is a destroyer of destiny and thus, the sprinkling of the Blood of Jesus leaves a mark upon us and our possessions, causing any destroyer to pass over us and our affairs.

The Bible says of Moses, that he: Read Hebrews 9:19-21 from your Bible

These all, the scripture say, are for an example unto us . So, apply the blood of sprinkling and as it is written in the Word of God, it will surely work for you. Any time you notice anxiety knocking at your door, sprinkle the Blood of Jesus over yourself.

The bread Jesus gave was His body. He was, as it were, presenting His Body to be broken for us. This signifies surrenderedness. Jesus willingly yielded up His Body to be broken for man; likewise, unless we surrender completely to God, we cannot live anxiety-free lives.

Read Matthew 11:28 from your Bible

Whatever is the cause of anxiety, it can be destroyed by the blood. By partaking of the Body and Blood of Jesus, anxiety is uprooted. If a man wants to destroy a tree, all he has to do is dig it up by the root. Once the tree is uprooted, never mind the colour of the leaves meanwhile; time will tell that the tree died the day it was uprooted. So, you must partake of the communion with this in mind. Time will tell that anxiety truly has been uprooted from your life. Suddenly, you will find yourself free from that affliction.

Read Revelation 12:11 from your Bible

They overcame by the blood, so also will you overcome by the Blood of Jesus, if only you will take the three steps mentioned earlier and top it up with the application of the Blood of Jesus. Anxiety will flee from you forever.

When faced with troubling situations, you can administer the communion by yourself. If you wait until Church time, anxiety may have dealt with you. So, entering the “closet”, pray, sipplicate, give thanks, then administer the Blood of Jesus via the communion and or actual sprinkling

The communion is for triumph, divine health, etc. Every time you partake of the Body and Blood of Jesus, you gain control over the forces of bondage, defeat and sickness. No affliction can resist the blood. The Blood is God’s last card. Please make this confession of faith with me:

“I have what it takes to deal with anxiety. By the Body and Blood of Jesus, I am free from anxiety forever. I lay hold on my liberty, I lay hold on divine health, I lay hold on prosperity. By this communion and the blood sprinkling, I uproot anxiety and command it to die, in Jesus’ name. Whosoever the Son of man shall set free shall be free indeed. I AM FREE INDEED!

Thank you Jesus, Amen.


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