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As you prepare your heart to approach God in prayer, one of the things you must guard against is offences. So many are offended in God and all they do in prayer is nothing but complain. When you are offended in God, you turn Him against yourself; and if God is against you, who will save you? If you despise Him, who will lift you?

Many are stranded because of offences. When they stand in prayer, they justify themselves against God. They say, “Lord, I’ve paid my tithe, I have done everything that You commanded. Only You haven’t done your part.” In other words, they count themselves faithful and God otherwise. But the Bible says, “Let God be true and all men be liars.”

Anything that moves you to murmur against God is moving you against your destiny. You can’t expect Him to answer your prayers when your heart is full of complaints and offences against Him. Have you not heard, “Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker”? (Isaiah 45:9.)

If He withdraws His breath from you for one second, you will be dead. I often say, “If you have lost anything, God is the reason you didn’t lose everything.” Maybe the enemy’s intention was to take your life, but God stepped in and you only lost your car. But here you are, offended and complaining against Him in prayer. If He withdraws His hand from your life, can you imagine what will become of you?

Read Romans 8:28 from your Bible

So, set your heart right before Him. Count Him faithful in all things. Refuse to complain, but rather let God know that you have no alternative beside Him, and that you are ready to hang on till your answer comes from Him.

Stop threatening to backslide if He doesn’t answer your prayer on time. No one will lose but you.

Read Job 9:4 from your Bible

You have been stranded enough, now give your destiny motion by clearing off every offence from your heart, to establish a thoroughfare to heaven in prayers.

Everything that moves you to question the integrity of God, or His love for you must be destroyed, so that the altar of your heart can be prepared for the fire from heaven.

Read Acts 24:16 from your Bible

That is the way to maintain a good communication line with God.