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Now that sin is out of the way, it’s time for the showers of God’s blessings to fall. As we well know, righteousness exalts, while sin is a reproach. To walk in the newness of life, we must get rid of sin from our lives. But it doesn’t end there. God then steps in and fills our lives with His blessings in place of Satan’s sin and defilement. This is what God promises everyone that will clean up: Ezekiel 34:25-28 read it from your Bible.

“There shall be showers of blessings!” says the Lord, for everyone who will choose to walk in the newness of life, to walk in holiness and righteousness. And why will God release the showers of blessings upon us? It is because by prophecy, the end-time Church is to enjoy a climax of honour and glory as the arrival of the Bridegroom approaches. Our Bridegroom is on His way. He is very close by and the nearer we are to His coming, the more glory we begin to experience.

The Church has entered into its “rainy” season. And just like the rainy season is the most glorious season in the natural (where leaves on trees are green and fruits can be seen hanging down branches, where the grass is green and everything is flourishing), so it is in the realm of the spirit as well. Showers cause God’s people to flourish (Ps. 65:9-10).

With sin out of our lives, drought is gone as well. It’s now time for the showers. When I say “Showers, I mean showers, not mercy drops as some are experiencing now.

But before the showers of blessings is the rain, which allows for the continuous flow of the shower. The Bible talks about four kinds of rain. I will be discussing them subsequently in my write ups.

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