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There are times we get to points in life, when we don’t know what next to do or which way to turn. These are the cross-roads of life. The Bible tells us what to do:

Read James 1:5 from your Bible

We are full of prayers of petition, calling on God to intervene and do something about our situation. But we have more often than not ignored the place of enquiries, which is what gives us access to God’s ways. It is the access to the secret and hidden things of life. You must make enquiries from Him, if you really desire the way out of your predicament, for God’s ways are higher than ours and His thoughts than ours (Isaiah 55:9).

Read Jeremiah 6:16 from your Bible

“Oh God, come and do it for me” is the prayer of babies; but, “Lord, what must I do?” is the prayer of sons. As long as you remain a child in the kingdom, always asking for things to be done for you and crying in the face of every situation, the glory never comes near you. It is sonship that attracts the glory, and responsibility is what makes a son (Isaiah 9:6).

In prayer of enquiry, God shows you what you need to do, in order to get what you are looking for. It then becomes your responsibility to put to work what has been revealed to you.

King David won all his battles because he was a man of enquiries.

Read 2 Samuel 5:17-25 from your Bible

David was a man of enquiries, so he never suffered any defeat or injuries as a warrior. He had access to divine instructions by prayers of enquiry, and it made a world of difference in his life. One instruction from heaven can deliver from a lifetime of struggles. You will no longer suffer injuries in your life.

I have often said, “Responsibility is the price you pay for greatness.” There is what you must do to commit God to listen to you. You have your part to play and God has His; He will never play yours for you. He said, “Draw nigh unto me and I will draw nigh unto you” ( James 4:8). It is your drawing near to Him and making enquiries that provoke His drawing near to you with answers and instructions.

Don’t watch your life drag on endlessly, with your hands akimbo, saying, “God will do it.” Get into God’s presence and with your entire spirit, approach Him for an answer. Do not be in a hurry, be set to get an answer and take delivery of His higher ways, which will put you above whatever situation you are in.

Make enquiries! “Lord, why is this home not working? Why is this ministry dragging? Oh God, what would You have me to do? What is missing in my life that is responsible for this problem? Lord help me. What am I not doing that I should start doing? What am I doing that I should stop doing? Lord, I am looking up to You for an answer.”

Something in your life might be what is responsible for the problems. Maybe the way you talk to your spouse is what sets the whole house on fire. Maybe you are neglecting your covenant responsibilities towards your workmen, that is why your business is going down. You may have been paying tithes and kingdom investments, yet your financial situation is getting tighter. It could be that you are not doing it properly.

Whichever way you are missing it, He will reveal it to you when you go before Him to enquire. You worship before Him, speak to Him and wait for His response, celebrating in tongues until the answer comes.