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Read Malachi 3:8-10 from your Bible

One of the areas God requires obedience in order for us to enjoy financial and material blessing is in tithe and in offering. It is not financially wise to come to the house of God empty. You must also be faithful in paying your tithe. You must purpose in your heart to always give God quality offering at your capacity. If you fail to do these, you have shut the door to prosperity. See what scripture says in verse nine: “ye are cursed with a curse.” Remember what I stated earlier, curse is the reason for poverty. Hence, when you rob God in tithe and offering, you have moved yourself away from the realm of blessing to curse.

You may be a good brother or a nice sister, if you are not operating by the word of God, you are operating at a carnal level and under a curse (a closed heaven).

A curse has the capacity to close the heaven over you. And when there is a curse in your life, you will not enjoy divine favour, material blessing, good job, breakthrough, promotion, etc. As simple as this is, the devil wants people to believe it doesn’t work. But you must realize that heaven and earth may pass away, the word of God is forever settled. You cannot do anything against the truth (the word) but for it. You may choose not to believe it, but that is just satan’s strategy to keep you under perpetual hardship so as to get the chance to mock your destiny and Christianity.

You must pay your tithe from your personal income as well as that of your corporation. As a ministry, we pay tithe from all the corporate donations (i.e. offerings, tithes, etc.). And this is different from the pastor’s personal tithe. Let me state categorically that when you pay your tithe, you must desist from looking for physical sign; because in the realm of reasoning, the devil will defeat you. Your responsibility is to practice, faithfully, what God requires of you. It is God’s responsibility to bring to pass, at the fullness of time, whatever blessing that is due to you. It may not come at the time you expect it or at your own pace. But be assured that it is not lost. When the cloud is full of rain, it will empty itself upon the earth (Eccl. 11:3).

According to Proverbs 28:20, what God judges is your “faithfulness.” So as you continue to practice the word of God in faith, love and joy, you will be surprised at the huge divine release that will pour upon your life. I am only interpreting what is written. I did not write the bible. It had been written thousands of years before I was born. And after I am gone, the bible will be here. So do not think I am trying to cajole you. Put your faith to work, and leave the rest to God.

Ephesians 6:17 describes the word of God as a sword. As you practice the word, you are fighting the spirit of poverty. Remember what we are discussing is Overcoming the Battles of Life; a case study of Poverty.

You are in a battle against poverty and the weapon of warfare that God has given to you is His word. That is what I am revealing; to show you how to engage this spirit in battle and to come out victorious. The word of God will prevail as long as you apply faith to it, and stand by the word. But if you lack spiritual knowledge and cannot persist, you will be defeated. There are certain battles that tend to become tougher as you fight. Don’t give up. Scripture says “he that observes the weather shall not sow.” When you grumble in your heart that what you have is not enough hence cannot sow, you are agreeing with satan and thus, defeated already. To deal with poverty, you must make up your mind to practice the word of God in obedience. It is after you have done your own part that God will be obligated to expand you.

If you want to be blessed, obey and practice the laws of financial and material blessing, when convenient and when it is not. Those who are placed on medication by their Doctors don’t take the pills because they enjoy it. In fact, there are very few persons who will say they enjoy taking pills. It will be strange to find any. However, those who take pills do so because their lives or health depends on it. It may not be convenient to take bitter pills but they do so to sustain their health. So is the practice of God’s word. It may not be convenient but its reward far out-weighs the inconvenience. If you don’t practice it, you will be damaging your destiny. If you practice a little and stop, it may take greater effort to begin afresh. Do not break the laws, because they are absolute principles upon which the universe stands.


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