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Another entry point of ancestral kingdom is “Vow”

Read 1 Samuel 1:11 from your Bible

I mentioned Samuel earlier. His mother, Hannah, dedicated him to the service of God by a vow even before he was born. Just like “covenant”, vows can be positive or negative. In the case of Hannah and Samuel, it was a positive vow; but for many others (especially, Africans) it is often negative vows.

It should be noted here that if Samuel had refused to serve in the temple, let a lone become a prophet, he would have been met with stiff opposition from the Angels of God. In like manner, many of our ancestors made vows before idols, native doctors, spiritualist, or false churches where they sought for the fruit of the womb, healing, protection, promotion, etc.

Today, many people, ignorant of the vows their ancestors entered into, are Christians and attempting to do great things, but the vow is now an opposing factor. The reason many are fighting unending battles may be traced to vows made by their ancestors. Forces contend with them in their dreams, at their place of work or businesses, finances, marriages, etc.

May God grant us victory over our father’s house in Jesus’ name.

Read Numbers 30:2 from your Bible

From the above scripture, we see that God recognizes the vow of men, positively or negatively. He is a just God, and may not interfere in negative vows made by ancestors unless we revoke it by His word.

Read Ecclesiastes 5:4-6 from your Bible

“Angel” in the above scripture can be clean or unclean spirits, because angels are simply spirits. Hence, the Angels of God as well as fallen angels recognize the power of vows.

The works of our hands can be destroyed as a result of vows speaking against us; irrespective of whether it is our personal vow or that of previous generations. So when dealing with ancestral kingdoms, do not neglect “vows” made by anyone in your lineage. It could be the inroad those forces have to your destiny.

Pray like this, “every vow speaking against me be destroyed in Jesus’ name.”

Another word for “vow” is “promise”

Read Genesis 12:2-3 from your Bible

In the above scripture, God made promises to Abraham. The scripture says Abraham believed them; and that became righteousness to him (Genesis 15:5-6).

Several generations after, God referred the Israelites to that promise made to Abraham (Isaiah 51:1-2). The faith of Abraham gave life to that promise and several years after, it is still active.

Similarly, many of our forefathers (ancestors) have received several promises from fallen angels which they believed and gave life to. Such promises may become an opposition to those who, ignorantly, fail to believe in them.

Read Joshua 24:15 from your Bible

Here Joshua, the man of God, made a promise that he and his household would serve the Lord.

However, it is important to know, that, Jesus legally delivered us from ancestral vows/promises through His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension.

Read Colossians 1:13-14, 2:14-15 from your Bible

Nevertheless, until you appropriate and enforce it by faith through prayer and fasting, you may not see the reality of it.

I will show you how to appropriate and enforce your freedom from ancestral vows/promises by sharing with you three phases of deliverance prayers that will liberate you from ancestral bondage and yokes at the very end of the series of teaching on this topic.

May you prevail in Jesus’ name.