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These demons may not be known to you especially if you have not made serious enquiry. As the name implies, “ancestors” are generations away from the present generation. However, everybody is connected to a “lineage.” If somebody in your genealogy was idolatrous, or entered into satanic covenant with any god, everyone connected to that lineage will be open to oppression. It doesn’t matter where they reside. There is no distance in the spirit.

Some Christians try their best to live pure and sow seed, yet lines are not falling for them in right places. They are fighting battles they don’t know its origin. When they pray aggressively, their eyes are open to strange things. Some may try to dismiss it or call it hallucinations. However, if due diligence is done, they will discover it is traceable to their background. God is opening their eyes to see battles coming from their ancestors. If you find yourself in such situation, what you are expected to do is to agree with the word of God and pray to disconnect yourself from ancestral demons. As long as you have the DNA from that lineage, you must do more than mere chatter. Pray aggressively!

I prayed for one sister who contacted me on Facebook one evening, and the demon tormenting her reacted violently. The demon asked me: “do you know how I came into this family?” “Are you up to a hundred years?” “Do you know how long I have been in this family?” The demon told us that it was the grandmother who entered into the covenant that brought it into existence in the family. The sister was completely unaware of the circumstances surrounding her oppression and how her mother died untimely. After prayers, I tried to get some family history from the sister and she disclosed that people die at a certain age in her family. It was a covenant of death entered into by the grandmother that made her a legal captive.

As a child of God, it is important that you should have sound knowledge. Do not claim that you don’t believe in these things. It may lead to untimely death or prolonged oppression. You must pray against the oppression or affliction coming from ancestral demons.

I prayed for a brother several years ago. He narrated an experience of his to me. In the lineage of his mother, snail is forbidden to be eaten. As expected, the mother was married out and he was born in the city, completely oblivious of what was obtainable in the village, especially that of his mother. It happened that he went for an occasion and ate snail. Immediately, he began to feel different. His tongue began to elongate. They tried several things to remedy the situation but to no avail. When eventually his grandmother came, she inquired what he ate, and found out that he had eaten “snail” which was forbidden, the grandmother then went with a sacrifice to appease a certain god or deity in their village before he became well (they were not born again at the time).

Now tell me, if that brother had said he does not believe such things would it have made his condition any better? We are talking of practical experience that people are going through every day.

Scripture recommends that we “pray all manner of prayers” (Ephesians 6:18). If you notice that in spite of your effort, and though you make effort to practice the word of God, things are not working, you must realize that ancestral forces are waging war against you. You must therefore gear up for battle. When you pray aggressively, they will manifest themselves to you.

May God give you eyes to see as well as heart to understand this truth, and receive grace to overcome in Jesus’ name.

When people rise to a certain level in life and suddenly fall or die, it is not ordinary; especially when it is not peculiar to just one person in a family. It should be noted that some evil forces are insisting that certain persons cannot rise above a certain level in that lineage. And if anyone tries to go beyond that level, who is not empowered by the spirit of God, they will die. Unfortunately, many christians after experiencing a level of breakthrough, cease to pray. They no longer see the need for prayer meetings anymore because they are blessed. They forget that it is when one is about to enter his/her rest that the enemy tends to strike the most. That is what we call “oppression.

I pray that the grace of God will be available for you to break through in Jesus’ name.


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