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There are people, either in the family or neighbourhood who are occult members (secret societies) and do not want anyone to rise above them. Or maybe two or more people are into similar business in the same location. If there is an occultic person among them, he/she may use occult power to stagnate the business of others.

They also use personal items of their victims as points of contact to carry out evil acts against them, e.g ., currency note, picture, hair strand, etc. They take these items to their secret chamber where, with incantation, they place a curse on their victims. This may cause their victim to experience low or no patronage. Or when they sell, the money disappears and they experience loss. What the occult agent has done is raise an altar against their victim. In other cases, they may come overnight to bury sacrifices at the business spot that will divert customers to another place. These are oppressions.

Some years ago, I visited Ikeja, a place in Lagos State (South-west, Nigeria), to get an item. I became hungry and decided to visit a restaurant. I got to a chain of restaurants and discovered to my dismay that while a certain restaurant was completely empty, many people queued up at a nearby restaurant waiting to be served. I was greatly marveled. I then decided to patronize the place where I would be quickly served unwilling to be caught by whatever held the others. After I was done, the attendant asked if the food was okay and I said it was. I then asked why the situation was the way I met it; she could not explain. It became clear to me that the powers that be had placed that business under oppression. This is why, as a child of God, you have to be strong. You cannot claim to be innocent because even when you trouble no one, it is not a guarantee that no one will trouble you. If you live in ignorance, your life, business, destiny or marriage will be caged.

Read Ephesians 6:10 from your Bible

A child of God must be strong, having spiritual knowledge to be able to spoil the works of the devil. The occult people can confiscate the stars and destinies of people either in the family or neighbourhood so that every other person will be going down and only them will be rising. This is what many christians are going through in spite the fact that they are born again. It is an error that needs to be corrected. If it had been the case now, God will reverse it by His anointing.


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