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There are those who belong to the marine kingdom. They have been given powers and special task to pollute destinies. Some have been granted “sexual powers.” Anyone they have intercourse with, that person’s destiny becomes wasted. His/her star becomes confiscated. They have also been granted beauty and power of seduction that allows unsuspecting people to fall for them; and when they do, their glory is arrested and they begin to live frustrated lives. This is also oppression.

During our deliverance sessions, I have heard many heart rending things. A lady told me some time ago that the stars of many people are trapped in the marine kingdom in a calabash that is in the custody of their mother, the queen of the coast.

She also told me that as long as that star is in their custody, the individual will be living a wayward life. The only way of escape is by genuine repentance and aggressive prayers. This will empower the angels of God to go and recover the person’s star.

Note that the person that made this confession had been delivered, but those whose “stars” had been caged through her are still trapped. How ironic! These victims may have thought they were enjoying themselves. They chose to live a life of promiscuity, sleeping with just any lady or man in sight without realizing that there are many agents of darkness out there.

Sin, especially sexual impurity, is a snare into which many destinies have been trapped. When they pray sometimes, they may see themselves in the river either playing or trying to swim-out. This is an indication that marine powers are oppressing them.

It may not be only through sexual intercourse. Maybe the person has a connection, directly or indirectly, with marine kingdom. How do you know? Anytime you experience a mass of water rising against you, especially in your dream, or you seem to have phobia for water. You must pray seriously because there are powers from the marine kingdom that is holding or oppressing your destiny.

Also, somebody may have reported another person to agents of marine kingdom who may then summon demons to oppress them. As they pray, they may see the signs in their dream. Don’t ignore them. The signs may include snakes, crocodile or other sea creatures harassing them, water rising against them, etc.

May the Lord give you victory against them in Jesus’ name.

All those sects that appear in white and claim to be prophets or prophetesses are marine agents whether they operate churches or shrines. Other symbols include white chalk, cowries, etc.
Whoever advice you to fast what is called “white fasting,” is a marine agent in disguise.


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