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Everyone has a battle to fight; whether one is conscious of it or not. And there are battles in every sphere of life. It is better we are informed so that we will not be caught unawares in the midst of these battles. Many are not prepared for the battles of life; thus, have become casualties.

May you not be a casualty or a victim in Jesus’ name.

Read Job 14:1 from your Bible

Are you born of a woman? Before you were born from above (i.e. born again), you were first born of a woman. Otherwise, you will be a spirit. According to the scripture, everyone born of a woman has few days to live on earth. Yet these few days are filled with many challenges and troubles which have been identified as “battles of life.”

For this course, every child of God must endeavour to search the scripture, which is the manual for living, to know how to live on earth. Does the Word of God say anything about battles of life? Did it say you are going to have challenges? How are we to handle these challenges or respond to them? All the answers are contained in the bible. I pray that the Lord will give us supernatural intelligence to live victoriously in Jesus’ name.

Read Ephesians 6:10-12 from your Bible

The Bible explains here that “battles” are real; and enjoins us to be strong and not weak christians. There is the need for us to be empowered by God and His Word; because in this world, there are many wiles of the devil and his cohorts. The enemy of our souls and progress, the devil, is constantly planning, scheming and strategizing to outwit us. It is only with sound knowledge of God’s Word that we can outsmart the devil and his cohorts.

“… that ye maybe able to stand against the wiles of the devil”(verse 11)

If we are not prepared, we may not be able to stand or withstand all the troubles that may come against us.

Verse twelve of the above scripture gives a clue to the battles we face. It says we are in contest, fighting or wrestling with “spirit beings.” The Bible makes us to know that there are “wicked spirits.” And when the Bible says “wicked,” it means wicked. You may not have offended anyone, but they want you dead, poor, barren, unmarried, sick, and crying everyday. That is wickedness.

From the same verse twelve, the Bible says there are forces that seek to rule over the destinies of men. They are called “rulers of darkness.” They seek to dictate, dominate, manipulate, and impose their will in the lives of men. They want to make sure their wicked intentions come to pass in our lives. 2 Timothy 2:26 says: “And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.”

In other words, there is what is called “expectations of the wicked.” It is these expectations that we fight against in the “battles of life.” The scripture says “the expectations of the wicked shall perish.” So shall it be in Jesus’ name. What I am trying to do is to establish from the scripture, the reality of the battles of life.

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