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OVERCOMING THE SPIRIT OF DEATH 2 – Understanding Your Spiritual Benchmark

You must know the spiritual benchmark for the life span of man. There is a life span that God has ordained for man and this is the benchmark.

Read Genesis 6:3 from your Bible

This is the spiritual benchmark that God has ordained.

Read Psalm 90:10 from your Bible

According to Moses, when the wickedness of men began to increase, it became necessary for God to set a benchmark for man’s life. However, while the Israelites were in the wilderness, after they left Egypt, their life span fell to between seventy and eighty years.

The spiritual bench mark of man is one hundred and twenty years.

Moses had this revelation. When he wrote the book of Genesis his faith was strong. He himself lived up to one hundred and twenty years. He saw clearly the true revelation about longevity.

May we live up to one hundred and twenty (120yrs) in Jesus name.

It is important that you know and believe this benchmark. Anything that tries to negate that – sickness, diseases, accident, etc. must be resisted by faith. You must constantly declare: “I shall not die young. I shall live to fulfill my destiny.”

Abraham had an encounter with God at the age of seventy five years. He entered into God’s program at seventy five, and lived to fulfill his divine/ordained benchmark.


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