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Read 1 Samuel 2:3 from your Bible

Your actions can reach God, just as your word. Your dispositions can move Him, just as your utterances.

God sent Elijah the prophet to tell king Ahab that he would be punished for all his evil ways and that great calamities would come upon his household. But see what happened next: Read 1 Kings 21:27-29 from your Bible.

Ahab didn’t utter a word, but he repented before God and God saw it in his actions, which in turn provoked divine intervention. When your actions are motivated by the Word of God, it goes a longer way than words of prayer.

Action is a very effective private line to God. Until you act the Word, you may never see it fulfilled in your life, because your action is an evidence of your faith (James 2:17). The Bible says, “Let the weak say, I am strong.” But some brethren think this is just another way of saying, “I am sick.” So, they say, “I am strong” while they look as weak and sickly as possible. If you really desire to be strong, and you say you are strong, then look strong. Act healthy and you will be healthy.

Read 1 Samuel 2:3 from your Bible

The weight of your action determines the response you get from heaven. God weighed Hannah’s action and it provoked a series of visitation. Not only did she get the son she desired, but the Bible says: Read it in 1 Samuel 2:21 from your Bible.

When you allow God’s Word to determine your actions, you can’t miss divine intervention. Don’t only confess your desires, act it! Let it show in everything you do.

If you really believe that when you pray according to His will God hears you, and that if He hears, you have received your petition, then act it. Stop looking sorrowful and mournful, because no good thing will He withhold from you.

So, if you need a baby, buy your baby cot and put it in your sitting room. When you openly take steps of faith, you commit God to favour you openly. If you are ashamed of Him in public, He will leave you to public shame; but when you go all out for Him in the public, He will go all out for you in the public as well.

Don’t tell me you are jobless and then stay at home all day, sleeping. You should get up every morning, dress up faster than those who have jobs and be on your way out. If anybody asks where you are going, say, “I’m going to work.” You have prayed to God for a job and He has heard you, but the job won’t come to you on your bed, you have to go for it.

You want to get married? Locate your chief bridesmaid or best man and print the wedding programme. You have committed God to bring your spouse. Your actions speak in heaven, so act well and you will live well.

All these silent prayer lines grant one direct access to God. However, they call for self-discipline and commitment, to operate in them. You will never have to sweat again to get answers to the issues of your life, in Jesus’ name.