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In Exodus 20:3-5, God declares that He will not tolerate idol worship in any form. It does not matter how religious it looks, He has vowed to visit the sin of idolatry of the parents upon their children, even to the fourth generation.

Read Deuteronomy 27:15 from your Bible.

There is a curse upon any man who worships idols. This curse extends to the man’s children – even to the fourth generation. This is the reason why many people are suffering without knowing that the reason was due to what transpired before they were born.

Multitudes are under curses because of their families’ participation in idol worship in the past. When a family worships an idol (god), they normally enter into covenant with that god to protect, keep and prosper the entire family, including generations unborn. This act of disobedience hurts God and brings a curse on that family.

Do you know that every person has:

2 Parents

4 Grand parents

8 Great grand parents

16 Great-great grand parents

It therefore takes 30 persons to make up four generations. Consider what might have transpired among these 30 persons who formed your lineage.

Idol worship includes occultic involvement by your family or yourself. Making of charms, protection ring, incisions and seeking help or healing from witch doctors or fetish priests, all bring curses on your life because your attitude shows that God, who created you, is not able to help you and you have no confidence in Him.

The curse may be as a result of consultation with spiritualists or the white garment sect where you were led to perform certain sacrifices and throw certain materials into the river to get certain problem (s) solved.

Friend, many have been struggling with terrible demonic influences in their lives, and have fasted and prayed to no avail, because they have failed to know that they have been under curses emanating from their family’s involvement in idol worship.

Oh, how much I suffered and struggled and fought unending spiritual battles without a clear breakthrough until I came to this knowledge, and it was the TRUTH that gave me freedom from this generation kind of curses. Praise the Lord! Take a retrospective look at your life today (a stock of your life); you will be amazed at the discoveries the Holy Spirit will lead you into concerning how the past affects the present.

In my next write up, I will be discussing Reasons For Curses part 2


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