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He who lies with his father’s wife (Deut 27:20)

He who lies with any beast (Deut. 27:21; Ex. 22:19)

He who lies with his sister (Deut. 27:22)

He who lies with his mother-in-law (Deut. 27:23)

Those who smite their neighbours secretly. When you gossip and backbite your neighbour, blackmail him, assassinate his character and destroy his image before others, you thus smite him secretly and bring a curse upon your own life (Deut. 27:24).

Those who take reward to slay the innocent (Deut. 27:25). These include hired assassins and false witnesses, abortionists, etc. For who is as innocent as the unborn child who is murdered for pleasure. What has your innocent baby done to you that you decided to kill him or her without giving him or her a chance to survive? Do you know why God was sending him to the world through you? What sin have they committed that you murdered them in cold blood?

If your parents had been as callous as you are and murdered you in the womb, would you have been alive to run around with men and anything on skirt? I am not trying to make you feel guilty, but I am speaking the truth. As a Christian, your sin of abortion is forgiven you, but by that act, you brought a curse upon your life. You must revoke this curse if your freedom is to be complete.

There is also a curse on the doctors and nurses who participated in this act of abortion with you. Even the hospital where it is done is also under a curse.

Those who lie with their uncle’s wife are under the curse of barrenness (Lev. 20:20).

He who lies with his brother’s wife shall die childless (Lev. 20:21)

Those who put their trust in man and not on the Lord (Jer. 17:5)

Those who do the work of the Lord deceitfully (Jer. 48:10)

Those who practice homosexuality and lesbianism (Lev. 20:13)

Those involved in witchcraft (Ex. 22:18)

Those who reward evil for good (Prov 17:13)

Those who rebel against pastors (Deut. 17:12)

Those who keep or own cursed objects (Deut. 7:25, 26)

Those who rob God of Tithes and Offerings (Haggai 1:69; Mal. 3:9)

Pastors who fail to give God all the glory due to Him (Mal. 2:2)

Those who curse or maltreat the Jews (Gen. 12:3; 27:29; Num. 24:9)

In my next write-up I will be discussing on Parental Curses

At the very end of the Series of Teachings on Curses I will give you Prayers that will release you from Curses.


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