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People can also be subjected to parental curses. In fact multitudes of Christian people today suffer because of parental curses on them. Many are barren and poor because their parents cursed them (Matt 12:34-37). The scripture declares that men speak out of the abundance of their hearts and what they speak either justifies or condemns them.

Man is created in the image and likeness of God who spoke everything that is created into existence. God reproduced Himself in man and expected man to speak things into existence.

Read Proverbs 18:21 from your Bible

Many-a-parent have placed their children where they are today because of the pronouncements they made on them during provocations. These parental curses were pronounced on children when they aroused their parents’ anger. The devil lures children into various misbehaviours which provoke parents to the extent of uttering bad words on them.

Demons operate on legal grounds. They know that parents have authority over their children. They also know that God honours parents’ pronouncements on their children. This is the legal ground on which these demons operate to carry out the negative pronouncements of parents on their children.

Friend, get it clear today that whenever positive words are spoken, the spirit of God goes into action to bring them to pass. So also it is when negative words are spoken; the evil spirits go into action to bring them to pass.

Read Proverbs 6:2 from your Bible

Out of provocation, our parents pronounced curses on us without knowing that demons will work on those words. These curses have kept many people from reaching their desired goals in life. The irony of it all is that many believers do not consider those pronouncements by their parents as anything serious. Hence, the demons capitalise on their ignorance and oppress them. Can you recollect those days when in anger, your mother pointed at you and said, “You will never amount to anything good. You will not prosper.” ? And your father also, he said, “I have no hope in you because you are destined to be hopeless in life?”

Sometimes, they say something like, “You will suffer, your children will do the same and even more to you”. “I know you will be useless in life”. “You block head, I know you will not pass your exams.” Sometimes they use certain idiomatic expressions to explain what your struggle and suffering in life will amount to, simply because you offended them. These words are spoken in anger and once spoken, the evil spirit picks them and works with them.

Read James 1:20 from your Bible

Are you shocked at these revelations? Is it any wonder why you are suffering? That is the reason why you have no success in anything you put your hands into. The demons stand by to say that: “According to your parents’ pronouncements, you are supposed not to prosper or succeed. You are destined to struggle without success; you are to be useless and hopeless; you are to amount to nothing, and we are here to make sure that your parents’ wishes are carried out. We are just obeying your parents. We are on assignments.”

Friend, my heart is bleeding because I know that you did not understand or know these things all these years. However, I have good news for you. The curses were pronounced by spoken words, demons worked with the spoken words by parents who have authority. I want you to use your authority in Christ Jesus who has defeated these demons and revoke the curses by the same spoken words.

In Gen. 9:20-27, we see how Noah, on provocation, cursed his younger son Ham, who had mocked him while he was in his drunken state. In verse 25 of that chapter,

“And he said, Cursed be Cannan, a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren”.

That was Noah the righteous man, who had survived the flood, but in anger, was the first in the Bible to pronounce curse on his child. Out of Ham came the Cannanites, Jebusites, Amorites, Hivites, etc. whom God had commanded Moses to eliminate from the promised land for the children of Israel to possess their land. They were a tribe under parental curse

Read Genesis 10:6-20; 1 Chronicles 1:8-16 and Exodus 3:7-8

Jacob was another man who cursed his children out of anger, because of what they had done. He did not forgive them till he died:

Read Genesis 49:3-4 from your Bible

By this pronouncement of Jacob, Reuben lost his birthright and his inheritance as the first born. Jacob made it clear to him that he and his tribe would not excel. He lost his birth-right, so the priests, prophets and kings that supposed to come from the tribe of Reuben were all lost. Judah inherited the kingly right while Joseph inherited the rest of the birth-right.

The tribe of Reuben remained as predicted by his father until Deut. 33:6, when Moses discovered that if nothing was done, the first fruit of Jacob will be completely wiped off the land. And so, under the anointing, he revoked the curse on Reuben.

Read Deuteronomy 33:3 from your Bible

Jacob also pronounced curses on his second and third sons, Simeon and Levi, respectively (Gen 49:5-7). According to Joshua 19:1 and 13:33, these two tribes lost what should have been their portion because of curses upon them by their father.

Friend, only heaven can declare the misfortunes, hardships and calamities you must have gone through in life as a result of parental curses. Who knows how much inheritance you must have lost to the enemy all these years of ignorance? What about the great opportunities, and the open doors you have missed? Don’t weep, the Lord says in Joel 2:25-27:

“I shall restore to you the years the locust has eaten and cause you to eat in plenty and be satisfied.”

In my next write-up I will be discussing on Self-Imposed Curses

At the very end of the Series of Teachings on Curses I will give you Prayers that will release you from Curses.


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