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When one of those who had formed a soul-tie dies, the soul-tie remains until it is broken. If not broken, problems could persist in the life of the living. This explains why some people find it difficult to be comforted when they lose the one with whom they have formed a soul tie.

Some people would tell you they could have been happier if they were the ones that died.

Sometimes, such people never recover from the shock they suffer after their loved one dies, until they themselves die later. I have handled two mental cases resulting from soul tie. In one of these cases, the woman who was soul-tied with her dead brother, found it difficult to sleep at nights. This continued until she began to hallucinate and consequently became abnormal.

When she was brought to me for counseling and prayers, she could not be coherent enough for me to get any information from her. As I made to pray for her, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about a soul-tie. I demanded for the name of her brother who had died, and finally broke the soul-tie between them. That was how she was released from the bondage. It was so automatic, and this lady became sane instantaneously. Praise God!


  1. I break the ungodly soul-tie with my late spouse. You negative spirit of death hunting me in my dreams, I bind you and command you to loose your grip and go out of my life in Jesus’ name.
  2. I break the ungodly soul-tie with my late parent(s). I bind the spirit of death hunting me; get out of my life in Jesus’ name.
  3. I break the ungodly soul-tie with any member of my family, I command the unclean spirit manipulating my life to loose your hold and go in Jesus’ name.

Read Matthew 18:18 and Mark 16:17 from your Bible.

In my next write-up, I will discuss, Soul-Ties With Religious Leaders.



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