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Read 1 Corinthians 6:17 from your Bible

We also become joined in mind (which is part of the soul) with the Lord. This is further confirmed by Paul in 1 Corinthians 2:16, which teaches that we have the mind of Christ.

The highest form of soul-tie is found in the marriage relationship. Here, the two people are knit together in the realm of the soul when they become “one flesh”.

Read Genesis 2:24 from your Bible

Just as a Christian’s soul becomes knitted together with Christ at conversion when the Lord makes us one with Him, so also it is when two people become bonded in the marriage union. In a marriage where love and unity reign, the souls of the husband and wife may tie together and become so powerful that in the process of time, they may walk, talk and do things alike. They get absorbed into each other. In love, they absorb the best from each other, but in strife, they absorb the worst from each other, because their souls are so strongly tied together through the “not to be broken” marriage covenant.

This strong soul-tie or bond makes the effect of divorce too devastating to those involved in that marriage, including the children. The inter-twined souls are literally torn apart, and this is too painful because it leaves deep scars that may never heal.

The two souls cannot be separated without inflicting wounds on each other, especially the innocent children who have become co-joint partners in the marriage arrangement

When you listen carefully to marriage vows, you will discover that soul-ties are formed between the two persons making the vows, through their confessions and affirmations. However, the marriage bed (sexual union) is the final seal or confirmation of the two persons becoming one flesh and one soul.

The soul-tie formed through the sexual union of marriage is unique as a man is meant to have this bond with his wife only, throughout his lifetime.

Now, if the sexual union in marriage ties two souls together, what do you think happens when a person commits fornication or adultery with another person outside marriage? Obviously, his soul becomes mysteriously knit together with the one he has the “illegal union” with just as in marriage.

The soul-tie formed through illicit sexual union can be as strong and binding as the one formed in the marriage covenant. That is why the trouble that emanates from adultery and fornication could be far-reaching.

Read Genesis 34:1-3 from your Bible

Shechem did not actually love Dinah, but because he was joined to her in the realm of the soul through the sexual union, he lusted after her and his soul longed for her.

Read Genesis 34:8 from your Bible

There are many men and women today who are unable to enjoy the sexual union with their present partner or husband, because of a previous sexual relationship they had with another partner, which has resulted in serious negative soul-ties between them.

I have ministered to such women who confessed that they could enjoy sex with their husbands only if they imagined they were with their former boyfriends. Their husbands could not understand why their wives were not responding and they found it difficult to tell their husbands of their past experiences.

Beloved, if this is your situation, you can take authority over the spirit that formed that soul-tie between you and your former boy/girl friend. Break the soul-tie and you will be free!

This “soul-tie” problem through sex, has led some men to marry someone they were not supposed to marry, but because of the soul-tie formed, they could not help themselves and so got stuck with the wrong person in marriage.

Some Christian ladies know how wrong it is to continue an old relationship they had with a boyfriend before they became Christians, but something seems to pull them back to their boyfriends each time they remember or see him or look at his picture. Until the soul-tie formed in sin is broken, such sisters (and brothers alike) would never have the willpower to be free from the soul-tie bondage.

Let me state clearly here that sexual relationships with demonic agents, sadists, spiritualists, witch doctors, self-proclaimed prophets and those whose sexual organs are contaminated and dedicated to demons might not only bring spirits into one’s life, but could also form ungodly soul-ties for the unsuspecting victim.

Any sexual relationship with any of the people mentioned above would certainly lead to a lot of problems in the life of the victim. Many people today find it difficult to marry while others are struggling to have babies. Many experience various misfortunes in businesses, while others have been reduced to nothing because of sexual involvement with these agents of darkness.

Read Proverbs 6:32 from your Bible

The Good News!

The good news is that Jesus has given the believer authority to break ungodly soul-tie through sex.

Read Matthew 18:18 and Mark 16:17 from your Bible.




MATTHEW 18:18, MARK 16:17, ISAIAH 10:27

Don’t spend less than 5 minutes on each prayer point at any prayer session and you should pray atleast 3 times a day minimum.

Pray like this.

  1. In the name of Jesus, I break the ungodly soul-tie with my former sexual partner (mention name). I command the spirit that knit our souls together to loose your hold over my life and go in Jesus’ name.
  2. In Jesus’ name, I break the ungodly soul-tie with my former mentor (mention name). Every negative spirit that came in through rape, I bind you. Loose your hold and go in Jesus’ name.
  3. I break the ungodly soul-tie that came through sexual acts with native doctors. You unclean spirits that came in through sex with native doctors, as well as the powers behind the acts, I bind you. I command you, loose your hold and go out of my life in Jesus’ name.
  4. I break the soul-tie through sex in the past with occultic practitioners. You occultic powers that invade my life through sexual acts with your agents, I bind you in Jesus’ name. I command you to pack your loads and go in Jesus’ name.
  5. By the authority I have in the name of Jesus, I break the ungodly soul-tie with marine agents through sexual acts in the past. You water spirit that invades my life through sex, I bind you and command you to go out of my life in Jesus’ name.
  6. I break the negative soul-tie with spiritualists. You unclean spirits that came in through sex, I bind you. I command you to loose your hold and go out of my life in Jesus’ name.

But, first, give your life to Jesus as your Lord and Savior and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

In my next write-up, I will be discussing, Soul-Tie through Incest.


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