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These are battles inherited from one’s family background, which may also be called evil yoke transfer. Many people have inherited evil yokes from their parents.
These evil yokes are battles their parents fought, and couldn’t win thus, was transferred to them.

Read 1 Kings 5:2-4 from your Bible

Note that any battle you fail to confront or confront but did not overcome is automatically transferred to the next generation as an evil yoke.

An inherited battle is generational in nature, and is not necessarily fought by sinners. One may be Born Again, and still fight inherited battle simply because their parents failed to overcome that particular battle. And because nobody in that lineage has been able to breakthrough, the battle will continue for as long as it takes for the forces behind it to be dealt with.

Inherited battles are battles that are transferred from fathers to sons; and from mothers to daughters (generally, from parents to wards) that form the basis of battles that they constantly engage in.

Read 2 Kings 5:27 from your Bible

Gehazi was cursed by a prophet of God. Not only was he cursed, the curse was to run in his family forever. The curse was to run from the offender (Gehazi) to generation(s) yet unborn. A person born into that family may inherit leprosy not because of the person’s personal fault or sin but because of inherited yoke from his/her lineage. Inherited battles are mysterious battles because they are usually unknown to many. Unless due diligence is done, one may not associate his/ her present challenges to anything from their past. They may do their best to live holy and obey biblical principles, yet things may not be adding up. This is because certain forces are resisting them. This is because there is a yoke of evil transfer of sickness/ disease, poverty, etc. that has been transferred to them from their lineage. It has become a problem in the bloodline. And when a problem is in the bloodline, it is called “inherited bondage or battle.” The only way to break free from such bondage is to use the word of God to counter the powers or forces maintaining these evil yokes.

Read Proverbs 11:9 from your Bible

A child of God may be a victim of attack, fall sick or even die, not because of his/her personal sin, but because of inherited yokes. However, this is not the will of God for us.

I pray that the Lord will grant you an understanding heart to recognize and deal with anything that is wrong in your life. And as you engage these forces, may God empower you to break loose from the yokes inherited from your lineage; in Jesus’ name.

The battle we just considered is that of inherited sickness. Next write-up, I will be discussing inherited battle of failure and lack of achievement.


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