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Read Proverbs 3:33 from your Bible

If a person was wicked, a juju priest/priestess, or practiced any form of occultism, he/she has incurred a curse that will ravage everyone born into their lineage. The house of the wicked, fraudster, etc. is under a curse.

Some of our parents entered into agreement or covenant with satan. They have what is called “satanic affinity” which they entered into for themselves and their household (also for generations unborn), Some of them have done many evil things, including human sacrifices, etc. These things become a curse to them, their children and children’s children, and unless these children of theirs pray their way out of it, they may constantly find themselves in strange or mysterious problems that will be hard to trace or understand.

Read Joshua 9:22-23 from your Bible

The Gibeonites deceived Israel; and when it was discovered, Joshua placed a curse on them. They were sentenced to live a life of perpetual servitude, never to be free from being bondmen or slaves. The implication of the6 curse is that, no matter the level of their qualification and connection, they will only end up doing odd and menial jobs.

I once counseled and prayed for someone who contacted me on Facebook. Apparently, he had seen my messages on Facebook. He told me that his family seem to have been destined for only security jobs. He was the first born of his father. And he told me that as much as he could remember, his father and cousins (uncle’s children) were all “security guards.” And by “security,” I don’t mean the police or army, but the types that we have in companies as “gatemen, ”gatekeeper” or “night watch.” He also told me that he heard that his grandfather was a very wicked man and could perform magic. It was his grandfather that entered into a covenant with satan using the “stars” of his children and children’s children.

These are spiritual realities that we must pray against. If you find yourself in these situations, faith in God’s word and aggressive (deliverance) prayer is what will get you out.


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