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Polygamy is very common in many African and Asian countries; and it comes with its own challenges, some of which are battles for inheritance, battles for supremacy, battles for attention, etc. Polygamy also exposes people to many temptations including the temptation to take to witchcraft for protection, called “polygamous witchcraft.”

The women in a polygamous setting may go to any extent to protect their interest as well as that of their children. First wives and their children are often pitched against other wives and their children. The mother of the beloved child (e.g. the only male child) also drawn against other wives. All these issues throw up battles that may become fatal.

In cases where the first wife experiences delay in bearing children or ends up giving birth to only female children, and the man marries another wife (or wives) who then gives him male children, it may mean that those other children from the other wife or wives are not safe. Unless God arrests the heart of that first wife, she may go to any extent to undo or arrest the destinies of the children of the other wife or wives while those other women may also do things to protect their own children. Even if the aggrieved woman seems uninterested in doing any evil, she may succumb to pressure from others (family or friends). All of these expose the whole family to evil complications.

You may discover that some people from polygamous homes go to school but are not just doing well. Their destinies may have been held hostage by an aggrieved step-mother. Remember the case of Esau and Jacob. Though it wasn’t a polygamous setting, their mother decided to connive with the second child to steal the birthright meant for the first son. That singular act plunged both sons into years of conflict. Now imagine how that would have played out if it was a polygamous setup. Polygamous battles are very real and one of the reasons many destinies are tied. It is also one reason people die untimely or the lack of peace in many families. Many siblings (half-brothers/half-sisters) live like strangers because their mothers have polluted their minds against one another. These are some of the things encountered in countries where polygamy is practiced.


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