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Read Ezekiel 16:4,6,9 from your Bible

Battles can also originate at the point of birth or delivery. The person who attended to the mother or midwifed a child’s delivery is an important factor here.

Medically, if the matron or nurse become careless, something may go wrong. We have heard of infants that were mistakenly dropped or man-handled as they entered the world. In some other cases where the child is having difficulty coming out or the mother is experiencing difficulty in pushing or experiencing labour complications, and medical instruments (e.g. forceps) were deployed to assist delivery, if not handled with care, it may lead to complications that the individual may battle with later in life.

We also know that some medical staffs are occultists or in cases where women go to places that are not conventional maternity homes to put to birth, these people may use their occult powers to tamper with the destiny and star of the child. They may collect the placenta or water used in cleaning the baby, and submit it in their coven representing the star of the child for promotion.

Read Matthew 2:1-3 from your Bible

From the above scripture, Jesus’ battle started from birth. Herod became envious and began to battle Him. Because of Jesus, many children of not more than two (2) years lost their lives.

Read Matthew 2:16 from your Bible

So if, at the time of birth, one is surrounded by familiar enemies, agents of darkness and/ or wicked people, they may be able to spot a child’s star, and may attempt to kill the child or interchange the child’s star. Some of these agents of darkness have eyes to see the centre of the head and may remove a strand of hair (if any) from the very centre in an attempt to stop the child from manifesting its glory.

I pray that the LORD will blindfold every wicked person around us, and protect our children in Jesus’ name.

Moses also faced a similar battle as that of Jesus. At the time he was to be born, Pharaoh became furious and ordered the death of all male children born into the Hebrew families. Many did not survive, but by divine intervention, Moses did.

May God intervene for us in Jesus’ name.

Many of us are alive today because God intervened in our lives even when our parents don’t know God. We were surrounded by many wicked people who would have destroyed us. But God’s mercy prevailed over them so that they could not do or carry out their wicked enterprise.


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