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We have seen in the bible account of a man born blind and another crippled from his mother’s womb. These are classical cases of battles that began from the womb. It may be as a result of spiritual or medical complications. It may also be a spell cast on the foetus or as a result of medication that went bad. It may also be maternal habits or an accident that affected the healthy development of the foetus. All these things may plunge the individual into battles he/she will contend with for life.

Read Acts 14:8 from your Bible

Some women may engage in a fight while pregnant, and the foetus got a bad hit leading to pre-birth injury.
Also, a woman who had suffered numerous miscarriages may go to an agent of satan to ensure that her next conception is preserved, not knowing that the destiny of the child had been caged by her actions, thus,
exposing the individual to the battles of life.

Whatever the case may be, such a person must engage the force of faith in God’s word to deliver himself/herself. Blindness, deafness, deformity, etc. are all battles.

Read Genesis 25:22-23 from your Bible

The scripture above presents a case of a battle that begun from the womb. Some agents of darkness may have seen that the child that is about to be born is great and may attempt to interchange the child’s destiny. Some women have experienced strange things while they were pregnant. Some say a strange “breeze” blew on them and from that point their unborn child began to behave strangely.

Some traditional people have adopted strange measures to preserve children in the womb by attaching specially prepared pins to the stomach so as to preserve the pregnancy from evil spirit. This method is not safe. It also does not guarantee that the foetus will survive. In fact, it may even become another source of battle. This is the reason we constantly pray for pregnant women and cover them with the blood of Jesus so that no matter the projections or attempt to exchange their baby or corrupt or possess it, it will fail. A child can be changed in the womb. They can take away a normal child and replace it with an abnormal or problematic child. A male child can be changed to female, and vice versa.

I heard a case of a pregnant woman who decided with her husband to relocate to the village before she puts to bed. After some months of getting there, she couldn’t find the baby in her womb. She returned without pregnancy or child. These things are real.


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