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Another category of battle is that which originates as one is growing up. A typical example is that of Joseph. Joseph had good dreams about his future, and told it to his family. They were expected to celebrate and rejoice with him. However, that plunged him into battles that lasted thirteen years of his youthful life.

Read Genesis 37:5-9,20 from your Bible.

His brothers became envious of and hated him. They conspired to destroy him because of his dream. Many people are currently going through similar experience. They say you are too intelligent for your age; you are talking too big or that you are too ambitious; and thus, they battle you. Like Joseph, the battle started at childhood. Joseph was sold into slavery, and would have remained a slave if not for God’s mercy.

May God have mercy on us in Jesus’ name.
May the LORD give us victory in Jesus’ name.


(i). Thank God for your life

(ii). Dip yourself in the blood of Jesus, and correct every problem that entered your life by the blood of Jesus.

(iii). Plead the blood of Jesus over your foundation.

(iv). Declare that you overcome satanic battles by the blood of Jesus.

Read Revelation 12:11 from your Bible.


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