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Read 2 Timothy 1:6 from your Bible

There is no man alive today, who would not desire that the grace of God (which has already appeared unto all men) work for him. Having defined grace as unmerited favour, that grace of God which has been deposited into your life, needs to be activated or stirred up.

What does it mean to stir?

To stir means to mix or cause movement in a thing that has being in a state of dormancy.

For example, in the medical world, there are some drugs that you must stir up, by shaking the bottles, before they can be effective. As far as those suspensions are concerned, that is the rule and it has to be obeyed before you can get the desired result. The doctor that prescribed them is not to be blamed, if you fail to obey the instructions.

Likewise, in the Spiritual world, if that grace lies dormant, God is not to be blamed, because man is the determining factor whether that grace is activated or not.

The extent to which the grace of God finds expression in your life, is determined by how well you stir it up.

So, the stirring is your responsibility, not God’s!

Truly, responsibility is the price for greatness!

In my next write up, I will be discussing The need to stir up the grace of God.


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