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One of the essential instruments for stirring up the deposit of the grace of God is a life that is lived in righteousness.

Righteous living is like a magnet that attracts the grace of God on its own.

Read Genesis 6:8-9 from your Bible

Agreed, Noah enjoyed the grace of God; but before he could, he had to live righteous amidst a corrupt generation.

Noah had the appropriate stirring instrument!

If it is your desire to stir up and enjoy grace from God in this dispensation, you must do away with sin.

If Noah could be said to be a just man and perfect in his generation” when Jesus was not yet revealed, then, the believer today has no excuse for not living a just and perfect life.

Every form of unrighteousness is sin (1 John 5:17). Sin and the grace of God are like light and darkness, which cannot dwell together.

Every form of sin must be done away with, in order to stir up and enjoy God’s grace.

Read Romans 6:1-2 from your Bible

If you desire to enjoy God’s grace, you cannot afford to continue in sin at the same time.

For grace to reign in your life, righteousness must, of a necessity, reign there as well.

Read Romans 5:21 from your Bible

It is a settled fact that wherever sin reigns, death reigns also. Similarly, wherever righteousness reigns, grace will also reign. Therefore, if you desire to flow in and enjoy grace from God, you must live a life of righteousness.

You must understand that there is no “small sin” or “big sin”; sin is sin and every form of unrighteousness is sin. Whatever unrighteousness is in your life right now uproot it. Give no place to it any longer, so that your life can magnetize the grace of God.

Read 1 Corinthians 15:34 from your Bible

Noah actually awoke unto righteousness, so he received God’s commendation and he was able to effectively stir up and enjoy divine favour.

Read Genesis 7:1 from your Bible

You can also receive the same commendation and enjoy divine favour like Noah for God is no respecter of persons.

Never forget: Righteousness exalts, sin is a reproach (Proverbs 14:34).

Therefore, live righteously and you will flow in divine favour!

Remember, favour is the heritage of the righteous!


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