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Stop weeping. Don’t be disheartened. Have you ever heard of a soldier, who burst into tears on the battle ground at the sound of a gunshot? What are you doing with tears in your eyes at the threat of your subordinate? A drum full of tears cannot move a molehill. What you need is the knowledge of how to subdue the enemy’s incursions. Tears hold no hope for victory. Even God is not moved by your tears. What moves Him is His Word, spoken in faith from a heart full of knowledge.

Knowledge both stabilizes and strengthens (Isaiah 33:6), whereas weeping and anxiety destabilizes. When you have knowledge, the things that move others will not move you. You are not a reed planted by the riverbank; you are a house built upon the solid rock. Wickedness is multiplying on the earth, but God says there is a way out for His children. Knowledge is what shows you that way out. Seek after knowledge, therefore, and challenge the forces of wickedness to their faces.

Anything that prevents what you deserve in God from getting to you constitutes wickedness, and God has no hand in it. Far be it that the Almighty should do wickedness. You must know that God will not rob a man of what he deserves, nor will He treat any man unjustly; He is the God of justice. Every wicked act around your life is a direct manifestation of the devil. Jesus came to bring an end to the reign of the wicked one, and has this to say in Matthew 28:18:

“All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”

The enemy doesn’t have the final say; Jesus, our Lord, has the final say in every issue of life. The knowledge of this truth should dry your tears.


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