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In such case, when you pray earnestly, you will see water bodies, e.g., river, etc. Either you dream of swimming in the water, bathing in or standing before the bank of a river, seeing mass of water or ocean. If this becomes often, it means, you have a date with the marine world.

If you shy away from it and try to cover it with your civilization, without dealing with it, you will not be free.

A brother was experiencing a serious attack at a time. Things were just not working at all. All effort to succeed proved abortive. He was in a vicious circle of rising and fallen. Whenever he was prayed for, there will be a temporary relief; but thereafter the problem will come up again. He had visited several prophets without solution.

After our last prayer, it came back again. I then decided to make a prayer inquest from God . Then, in the spirit, a key appeared; and when I inquired “What the key meant,” the response was: “that was the key of his destiny.”

God explained further: “when he was young, the step mother used the key to do evil against him and threw it into the sea.” So, the key of his destiny was handed over to the marine kingdom. I didn’t know before then that his father had two wives. When he returned, I asked him, and he confirmed it. He said as a matter of fact when he was young, he had to even escape from his step-mother. His step mother had only female children. But his mother had male children. Before he was taken away from home, his step-mother had already used the key to conjure evil and threw it into the sea. Each time he fasted and prayed, he saw a river rising high and trying to swallow him up. He was prevented from going forward, and many times had to run back. At times, when he is driving over a bridge, the river will cover the bridge and he will not be able to pass through.

With the knowledge, we prayed and broke the covenant with the marine kingdom and he became free.

May you receive direction in Jesus’ name.

Similarly, if you find yourself in the story above take the prayer points below with fasting from 12 midnight to 6 pm for 3 days.

But, first, give your life to JESUS as your Lord and Savior and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Pray like this.

  • Every covenant from the marine world that is holding me, in whatever way, it came, through which battle is raging my life, by the covenant blood of Jesus, be nullified – Col. 1:13-14, 2:14-15.
  • Any agreement entered into by anyone on my behalf to keep me in bondage and to cage my future, is nullified by the blood of Jesus – Col. 2:14.
  • Every marine covenant that is flowing down from my ancestors, down my parents and that is holding me, my destiny, be destroyed by the blood of Jesus – Col. 2:14, Isaiah 49:24-26.

Don’t spend less than 5 minutes on each prayer point at any prayer session and you should pray atleast 3 times a day minimum.